Different Nature of People

There may be different types of human natures or tempers according to different Psychologists or other Scientists. However I find three important types of people who have different temperance or natures. Everyone – whether she is a cool person or seldom speak, outspoken person and tells everything or great tolerant – they have got their own positives and negatives aspects. Sometimes it may be difficult to say that this particular person is bad or good. We have got the negatives and positives aspects and it depends on where it uses and where it controls. 

Seldom speaking people

There are some people who seldom speak but they get angry in their heart when someone says something bad about them or do against their wills. But do they share their problem frankly and request them not to do again? This people hardly share anything with others their problems or ask others’ problem; they get irritation in their hearts. Once I asked to one guy, “Did you tell him no to do again in that way?” He said, “No, I did not tell him no to do in that way.” Then I asked him, “Why are you angry with him?” He did not tell anything about his problem but he is getting angry on him. Unless we tell the other person no to do in that way, the person who is doing may no know the problem; our irritation is meaningless without sharing the problems with the wrong doers or who annoyed him or her. There are some people who intentionally irritate the others; but there are some people who irritate others unintentionally or subconsciously. So do we have the reason to get angry when the other person is irritating subconsciously or unintentionally? Even if the other persons who are irritating us intentionally, they can change their attitude or stop doing when we frankly share the problem, which causes to us. For the people who are annoying us unintentionally will definitely change their attitude if we share the problem to them. Unless we help the other persons to know how they annoy us, there is no point of getting angry with others. We may have the reason to get annoy if the other person repeated the same action after sharing the problem to them – otherwise there is no point of annoying without sharing the problem with him. 

Outspoken people

One of the positive aspects of this kind of people is that they do not hide anything in their heart –they are frankly and share every problem. The negative aspect of this people is that they cannot tolerate when some one make annoy them. These are the people who always tell the others no to do if the others person is annoying them. Many times they are straight forward and tell the problems that causes to them. They cannot tolerate when someone is doing against their wills. They want the other person to understand their own problem and not to annoy the other persons. In this way they help the other persons to understand their problems and stop annoying the others. It is their philosophy to share everything without keeping in their mind, which is irritating to them. Some people annoy others intentionally while others do unintentionally, so it helps the other person to understand the problem that affects the other people. The straightforward people are less tolerant too. They cannot tolerate anything that cause them annoy. They easily get angry but cold down faster than the cold headed people. They are like the land that gets heated up fast and cold down fast unlike the water bodies. They help other person to understand what they feel. They seldom keep bad remarks in their heart. They forget and forgive the other person more easily than any other cold man. But once they get angry, they can recollect all the bad remarks of others and fire them again; it is not they are too poor in memory but they only forgive the others in order to build the better relationship.  

Great tolerant people

Are you more tolerable than your friends? Do you always say yes to your friends or to others? Why can’t you refuse them even when it affects to your own personal life? Every person has some positive and negative aspects in their lives. The people who have great tolerance are very adjustable with different kinds of people. When we can expect them getting angry? When we do something against them, they get annoy but do they really get angry? It seems this kind people will never get angry in their life time. But they are like the water bodies, which takes time to warm up and take time to cold down. They are not the land bodies that warm up easily and cold down easily. These people are very good people. However, if they get angry, they are the most dangerous people on earth. The short temper and great tolerant people can kill man when they get angry. The great tolerable people are very dangerous people too. Once they get angry, life is nothing for them; they can kill you. 

In conclusion:  Where do you belong to and what are your negatives aspects that need to change to positive aspects? We may generalized that this kind of people are good or bad – infact it is difficult to categorize a particular nature of people as good or bad so it would better to treat or consider everyone as a good human being. 

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