Participation of Christian political party in the state election

Participation of Christian political party in the state election


As God has given us different spiritual tal- ents to be used in different profession to glorify his name, we the believer in Christ should put it in to use what is entrusted to us faithfully and diligently as we could for our good as well as for the welfare of our fellow friends and citizens to make our beautiful world a safe haven to live in where peace and tranquility prevail. We should make use of all modern technologies wisely to the advantage of our creator to reach the good news to all part of the earth.

Presently, we have observed a series of empowerment bills that were passed both at the central and state levels and amalgamation of different political parties seeking for a type of government of people’s choice. So here to make a better place to live in, we need to put forward for good and refined ideas into use to achieve our goals. Life is dynamic and complex. Hence we cannot define everything else in a single nutshell. For instance, democracy is not an end in itself but a means to all kinds of oriented movements related to people’s welfares this connection, we must directly and openly create environment conducive to reflect people’s desire and aspiration in the execution of our policies enshrined in the work programme of different political parties.

Voice should be there to see active participation. Hence participation of any political parties having Christian brand particularly in our state electoral process has become a burning issue. Here the government is the ship whereas the legislators are the sailors in the bosom of the bureaucrats, the church leaders, NGOs, societies, organization and leaders at grass roof levels in the inclusion of such political arrangement in the state on era may come up where transparency and accountability will have its place at the forefront because every misbehavior and mismanagement will be prone to be detected and checked by the searchlight of itself under the power and influence of the spirit of truth.

In other words, under such political domain excess in every practice will be substantially reduced to a point of extinction so that check and balance mechanism will also be greatly strengthened.

Therefore formation of political parties on the basis of Christian principles has become inevitable for the betterment of our society, because even Gandhian principles is widely acclaimed by the world politics to achieved universal peace, so that why not this, to have a conscientious system of government. In fact political contenders may want to play their role in the absence of religion so that thy have their free hand. But we may need to change such attitude in the passage of time because in real sense of the term we are created in the image of God so that we are all accountable to him. Therefore, any forum or movements which is nurtured under such political fashion will have its outcome satisfactory, since the truth will be the merchandise of the people, so that at least activities of extremism and terrorism will have no place in the world.

May God bless each and every readers of this information so that a consensus solution to this effect is established in our governmental system; because people really want to see a change in life to enjoy the fruits of the 21st century.

Kuvepeyi, Chozuba town.



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