Debunking Thohe’s Kuknalim

Debunking Thohe’s Kuknalim

2.3 lakhs topics and more. 40,000 hits a day and counting, 5, 600 registered members and expanding, 6 years and still growing

These are the Kuknalim numbers I know. Now let’s get to the insides for some more insights to look for that number from where everything originates. Zero. All you need is to ask, “What are the chances for all these many people to have and share the same thought?” Zero. Zilch. Is it any wonder then that a certain Mr. Thohe has his own point of view (POV) too? And just as every Kukker (anyone who visits Kuknalim) tolerates his POV, every other Kukker’s POV has to be given the same treatment. As a registered Kukker, I would like to put across my answers to the questions he has posed in his article “Is it promoting tribalism & in favor of the Non-Nagas?” published in Nagaland Post, 7th August.

1. Promoting Favoritism: Just a few days back, I visited a man of prayer. It was early in the morning. Some people were already there. So I along with my friends awaited our turn. Sitting on a bench, I stared blindly ahead of me. A thick fog had created a boundary and I couldn’t see beyond some few meters. As I continued gazing, the breeze blew away the fog and Kohima became visible. There is existence beyond the fog. Similarly, there is more to the world than just exotic Nagaland. “Nagaland for Christ”, if God was for favoritism, Nagaland would be Eden permanently demarcated by a fog.

Here, I want to question the usage of the word “Non-Naga” to remove the ambiguity it puts in me. Does Non-Naga mean Mainland Indians? European? American? Would Thohe still pick the lines if Ratatat had been either a European or an American? If we really have to take history into account, shouldn’t we have a chip on the shoulder against the British Raj? Isn’t AFSPA a by-product of their regime? But then since Thohe claims that we don’t even know history, perhaps, he can enlighten me here.

2. Naga Issues: I wasn’t born a Naga. I was born a girl-child. My individuality is my identity. God made me an individual first, not a Naga. As individuals, we all posses personalities. “Naganess” is not our essence. Being a Naga is an extension of our identity. Thus, it is obvious that there is more to an individual than him just belonging to a country, place or community. Just because I cease to write about “Naga issues” doesn’t make me any less a Naga. From my POV, I am greatly encouraged when I see young writers contribute love, hope and life through their writings, acknowledging one another’s achievement, providing moral support to young achievers, pushing people to excel lest they turn out to be “issues” instead. For all we know, people still write when even to be alive for a day is a miracle.

3. Promoting Tribalism: Kuknalim represents a community to me. When there is participation, nobody is a stranger. It is important therefore not to make only friends and acquaintances but to forge relationships. When your intention is to build relationships the keyboard knows no creed. Issues come into the picture only when a friend is attacked or discriminated because s/he belongs to a particular tribe. The bond however makes us defend the tribe to protect the friend. Bonds make us sensitive to people’s situation. Friendships and relationships should precede tribal fences. I can proudly say that I have lots of Kuk friends who have even hosted me when I travel, filled up my exam forms, got my tickets done. Tribal factor never came into play. Sometimes, I wish we can all have a word with God prior to birth to negotiate what tribe we can be born into.

4. Promoting Hatred: Every paper, magazine, broadcast station, website has a disclaimer which states the content does not in anyway reflect the views and opinion of the message medium. When an individual writes, it is a personal POV and not necessarily a world view. Everything becomes subjective as well as relative. Therefore, what you read, hear and see has to be taken in as education. It also means the Editor, Proprietor, Administrator has the final say as to what goes for public feeding. Every medium has its own Operating Policies. So, if a particular user is disabled, it must be for a reason and not necessarily because the Administrator promotes Tribalism or Favoritism.

Message for Kukkers: Considering the numerical fact that there are over 2.3 lakhs topics in Kuknalim, we have to responsible with our words. A lot is being written and the Moderators don’t have enough time to go through each and every word. Let us learn to tolerate instead of reacting. At the same time, it amuses me that only a few string of lines have been picked. It could mean a lot of things. But what bothers me is why do hunt only for the negative? Why do we pay so much respect to it? And for those who forum a lot in “Issues concerning Nagaland” forums, for a change, lets stop blaming our Outfits for all our failed ventures. It’s easy to be outside Nagaland and talk a lot about taxes you don’t even pay and haven’t even paid once. To beat the system, you have to be in the system. Cause and Effect.

Sophy Lasuh

Statement in response to Thohe Pou’s

Statement in response to Thohe Pou’s’s doors have been opened to all Nagas across the globe irrespective of their likes and dislikes. We have successfully ran the largest forum with over 2.3lakh topics for the Nagas over 6 years. Members have a chance to express their views openly and honestly. The moderators work hard to maintain edit the forums based on the feedback from other members.

All members agree to the websites policies by registering in the website and the administrators take no responsibility for the forum content.

Nagas from Tankghul, Zeliang, Lotha, Angami, Sema and Ao are involved in managing and maintaining except with the involvement of our Technical Administrator who himself is ‘Anglo-Indian’ and married to a Naga.

In Thohe’s article, he blames’s site administrator for promoting tribalism and in favour of Non-Nagas.

Thohe commented on a member slandering the NSCN. has disabled the particular member from logging onto the system as according to the websites policies. We have warned the member over the past year. We are on the look out for others like him and we heavily rely on feedback from the other 5600 registered members.

Thohe also accuses that “ignores” articles based on “Naga issues” and is ignorant about the importance of Naga issues.

We do not “ignore” all articles. On the other hand, encourages its members and guests to submit news articles. publishes articles from Nagaland dailies, Naga organizations and groups.

Thohe accused about a picture posted in its Picture Gallery about a Naga girl was killed in 2005.

That was one picture that displayed gore. If there are other Naga issues, members like yourselves have not taken the initiative to upload pictures. Pictures and articles that are constructive in nature are appreciated.

Inhumane pictures like these WILL NOT be published for any reason.

Thohe, Thank you for pointing out forums that were written by guests in 2005. As the face of the internet and information changes so rapidly, old forum messages are archived and removed from the website.

Moreover, that topic has been removed a long time. It is not advisable to base your article on out dated topics like these.

The site administrator has procedures in place to control articles of this nature on a regular basis.

While it is impossible to monitor the site in real time due to constraints, moderators spend significant time on the forums to weed these articles out.

If you have more suggestions, is happy to communicate with you to better its website rather than raising popularity for in this fashion.

While we have a policy that Site Administrators are not responsible for comments on the website, we do appreciate your concern.

Naga leaders need to know that this article is misleading and false as it is based on already corrected measures in Whilst this discussion has taken place, the popular giant continues to receive articles from all Organizations, Groups, Newspapers across the globe on Nagas across the globe.

N. Yan Murry,

Co-founder and Site Administrator,

Naga Girl Raped in Mumbai Is It Strange?

Naga Girl Raped in Mumbai Is It Strange?

By: R.B. Thohe Pou *

 In this modern world – rape cases are commonly known. As the civilization and modernization increases, more rape cases are reported almost every day in daily newspaper in India. The different type of rape cases are reported today with the change of time and people lifestyle. In antique – the forceful rape cases were common but today the other types of rape cases are reported. On 19th September 2006, a Naga girl was lured by two men, giving false promises of an airline job – took her to Malwani Resort and raped her by two men. She is 24 years old and working as Lobby Assistant at Sea Princess Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai.

 According to the Police reported in TOINS showed that she moved to Mumbai three months back and lived in a Khar flat taking in lease. Three months living in any metropolitan city means – nobody can have good knowledge of the city landscape, the lifestyle of the people, the rickshaw and Taxiwalla etc especially in Mumbai, which is one of the fastest growing life style in India. Many people study about the people lifestyle, job profile to take up, climatic condition etc before they leave to any new city or place. However for many people such kind of notion never came to their mind. The recent Naga girl raped in Mumbai was occurred due to such of ignorant and innocency. How can we easily trust someone who accosted us to give white-collar job? Gullible people can be raped anytime and fleece by others. We need to trust others but trusting someone without knowing him or her properly is becoming very risky in this modern world.

Promising to give a white-collar job and raping the woman is not more a strange thing in India city. To get a decent job – it’s becoming very difficult in India and how can someone easily provide a good job unless going through a long process of interview and scrutinizing the documents? For the first time it is reported that a Naga girl was raped giving false promises of better job. However nothing is strange for the other society in India. This kind of false promises to provide a better job and raping the woman is very common in India. Regarding the false promises of giving job and fake job – I had earlier written an article under the title, “Watch out the counterfeit goods and men” and this article carried in Nagaland Post newspaper and some other paper and internet news website like, etc. But I don’t know how many people took the pain to read the article and took the precautions on fake goods and men.

I am deeply sorrow with the unfortunate Naga girl who was raped by promising to give a false job. However this is the first time a Naga girl or a Northeast girl was raped in India city by promising to give a better job and I believe that many northeast girls will take this opportunity to learn a good lesson and take more precaution to accept any false promise job and other enticing job that leads to defame themselves. There are different ways or types of rape cases and the Naga girl raped in Mumbai is another way of rape case. Why and how she was raped in Mumbai by two men is a big question to analyze on.

After learning the reason of raping the girl – the different people may have different answer and perception on this rape case. Definitely according to the legal law – all the people will charge or say that the rapists are the responsible person but there can some people who may blame the victim in their heart. In antique – mostly the women were raped forcefully but today different kinds or ways of raping are reported in daily newspaper in India. With the increase in population and more job opportunity in India – more raped cases are reported related to false promise of giving job and many more rape cases can be reported if the women are gullible and trust the others who accosted them. Many women were raped by giving false job opportunity and some by promising to promote to higher post.

Another type of rape case is by consenting by the victim. This kind of rape cases also related to their job and false love. Some of the women were also used and raped by their boss but due to some reasons – they do not report or publicize to the people. This kind of rape cases is many but it seems to be less due to unreported in the newspaper. Another ways of common raping the women is giving false promise to marry. In India, many women were also raped by giving false promising to marry them. As the modernization took place in India – there is more raped cases reported almost every day. Today, many Naga women are in different cities of India and there can more rape case that may be reported if they are very gullible and expose too much in their dresses. One of my Professor said, “No dress is good or bad; it depends on how they expose”.

I also believe that exposing too much entices the rapists and we need to be more careful even in our dressing too. By Naga nature – we are very frankly and innocent too. Therefore many people can take advantage of our candidness and innocency but we should always be very circumspective in this modern world. Today if we are with the Christian leaders – they may say that today we are living in the Dark Age, where spirituality is totally losing. The Naga girl raped in Mumbai is nothing strange or bizarre because this thing is common in every city with other societies. When I say that it is no strange or uncommon – I am not trying to justify or support the rapists because the rape cases are too many in India that occurs almost every day. I strongly condemned the rapists or culprits and they should be booked according to Indian penal code rape case.

In conclusion, I strongly condemned the rapists and request the concern authorities to seize the culprits and give life imprisonment. I also extend my deep sorrow and pain to the victim who was unfortunate to meet the fate. I also would like to request all the Northeast women and in particular to Naga women to be more circumspective to take any job offer by the unknown person or even the trustable person in the future. Sometime, a good job may be very enticing to our eyes but we need to know first the person who offers the job and the job profile. MORE UPDATES ABOUT THIS CASE: The Accusers Want the Naga Girl to withdraw the rape Case Pune, 23rd Sept. 2006: The whole nation knew how the Naga girl was raped on 19th September 2006. However the culprits think that they can handle the case with money and muscle power and escape from the crime. The accused wife, brother-inlaw and friends want the victim to withdraw the rape case through bribing the victim, which was fire in the police station… It is also alleged that the victim was threatened by the accusers to kill her if she will not withdraw the case.

The President of Naga Students Union, Mumbai (NSUM) wants to meet the victim but the police did not allowed him to meet the victim and he was allowed to meet the victim by the police only after pleading them more than an hour. According to the senior Naga person in Mumbai, “The NSUM President and all the senior Naga persons are working hard get the justice”. In telephonic conversation with this reporter, the President said, “The victim is under the custody of NSUM and she is not going to withdraw the case” Regarding this issue, this reporter also made trunk call and sent SMS to Assam politicians and to the Honorable M. P. Mani Cherenamei (Delhi) and UNC President (Delhi) to give their support to get the justice.

All the senior Naga leaders and other well-wishers are now trying to pressurize the Maharashtra police to arrest the culprits immediately. According to last night report from the NSUM President, one of the culprits is arrested and the police are now hunting the absconding man and their friends. All the Naga leaders in Mumbai are hopeful that the victim will get the justice on time. Not only the Nagas in Mumbai – the whole Northeastern Students in Mumbai also give their solidarity in condemning the barbarous act.

God Rescued Him from Marrying Her

Abstract: This is a true love story about my bosom friend who fell in love with a gal in 2004. But later he discovered her to be a lustful and unfaithful woman. He is very thankful to God for rescuing him from marrying her…

In last summer 2004 – the sun shinned so bright and hot. The whole town looks deserted due to summer heat. However, he was relished in his heart in those long summer days. One day he went to meet his friend and after few days later – the whole atmosphere was changed.

There was a gal name Rachel who lives next door to his friend’s residence. In his first sight, he likes her and he assumed that she must be another true Rachel in the Bible. She is a theologian graduate, which made him more impressive and trustworthy.

Gradually he became so closed to her and he was in love with her. He also could easily notice and read her heart that she admires him too. So without taking a second breath – he proposed her to be his life partner.

She accepted his proposal on 21st June the longest summer day and they even promised to marry in 2007 after he got a white-collar job. They were together happily for a month like any other lovers. Hardly they notice how the time passes as they chat, giggle and play computer game in his laptop.

One night he was with her discussing about their present and future love, the wall clock tick at 11:30 pm. In this town – the people go to sleep at 9 or 10 pm. So he was panic, as he cannot go home and sleeps in his house as his parents will lock the room after 9pm. After a short paused, he told her about this genuine condition that he cannot go to sleep in his house.

Then he pleaded her to allow him to sleep in her room, as she was also alone. After litter pestering – she allowed him to sleep in her room. They slept together in one bed but he did not have any intention to do anything bad before their marriage, as he genuinely loves her from the bottom of his heart. He knew that love is not for the sake of love but needs commitment, honesty, faithfulness and sincerity.

He did not know what she must have been thinking about him. But he told her that he should not do anything against the law before the marriage. The night past peacefully with deep sleep and early in the morning before not one go out of the room, she woke up him and he went home. After a few days later – he has to go to different city for his further studies. When he leaves his hometown, she prepared nice chicken curry and packed for him.

With heavy heart they hugged and parted. During his absent, he never expected that she would run after any other guys. He truly loved and trusted her. However what he expected was turned out to be irony. During time of his absent, a fair and tall handsome guy came to her life. She was enticed with his well-built body even though she knew nothing about him.

As he noticed her admiration and lust on him, he took the advantage to enjoy with her during his autumn vacation even though he had a gal friend whom he promised to marry her. Then he proposed her within a few days after he was introduced to her.

She happily consented to his proposal and since then they started to date and enjoy like any other lovers do. She was madly in love and she wants to marry him. She thought he is the prince of the world and most handsome man in this world.

However he was just flirting her just to enjoy with her during his vacation. It was in the month of August-September and the time or season for marriage engagement of this people or community. During this time, an officer from Indian Railway came to her for marriage engagement. So she was dithering what to do now since by now she had three guys in her hand.

The first guy (my friend whom she promised to marry) the second guy whom she wants to enjoy and marry and the third guy (an officer) who came for marriage engagement.

At this juncture – she pestered the second guy to marry her. But as that guy was just flirting her only for enjoyment, he was not ready to accept her marriage proposal. He was just a graduate; he will continue his further study and he is younger to her.

While the guy who came for marriage proposal was an officer and the first guy whom she promised to marry was a bright gentleman with great potentiality to get a sinecure job. Now she is in great dilemma but in her heart she expected and assured that the second guy will marry her. So she flatly rejected the marriage proposal of that officer.

During this time, the second guy who flirted her also came to learn that she had boy friend and he is trying to avoid her giving different excuses after he satisfied with his lust. He then finally rejected her marriage proposal and ditched her to hell.

Now the gal’s dream to marry and enjoy with a beautiful home is shattered. One day the second guy who flirted the gal met my friend and told him the entire story about his love with her. Then my friend was greatly shocked to learn about her lust and unfaithful character and he ditched her without any delay.

Finally, now she is alone with deep remorse. Once she had three guys in her hand but now empty handed after other guys learnt more about her unfaithfulness in love. But for a gal like her will soon get many guys because it is easier for such a gal to change her boyfriend than changing her wardrobe.

My friend told me that when he first met her – she seems to be nice and understanding person. But after coming to know more about her, she is indeed only a flirt with full of lust ad nothing inside. She is indeed like a man with angelic face and satanic heart.

If my friend would have not discovered her lust and unfaithfulness on time – he might marry her and later in his absent – she may sleep with many other guys. When my friend learnt all about her lust and unfaithfulness – instead of discouragement and angry on her – he was indeed praising God for His wonderful hand on him protecting and rescuing him from marrying her.

He is thankful to God for helping him to come out from such a lustful and unfaithful woman. My friend told me that when he takes from a narrower perspective, he would easily landed up into discouragement or angry for what she had done to him.

But when he approached from different angles – he sees the wonderful hand of God who rescued him. He understands that there are thousand and thousand of gals who are pretty and faithful and he is not regretted for losing such an unfaithful gal.

For many people – it can be a good lesson to learn from this love story. I felt sorry to learn about my bosom friend who lost his gal friend but I am also happy that he is out of danger from his unfaithful gal friend. For such a woman even after marriage – she will sleep with other guys.

I am sure that there are many guys and gals who pretend to love others out of lust. Therefore it is important for the young gals and boys to scrutinize the true love before opening up their mouth in proposing life partner.

Marriage is not a matter of ephemeral; it is the matter of lifetime matter. Today, the divorcing rate is increasing in every villages, towns and cities because of such kind of women and men who simply married out of lust without any future plan and commitment.

You meet some one but you may not talk to him or her, you may talk to him or her but you may not like him or her. You may like him or her but you may admire him or her. You may admire him or her but you are not ready to fall in love.

You are fallen in love with him or her but you may not want to marry him or her. You are in love and you want to marry him or her but the situation may be not possible. So it takes a long process for a man or woman to choose the life partner.

If some one like you or admire you or even love you it is good that there is some one who loves you but still there is long way to go for marriage.

If we jump from admire to marriage – there is may not be true love and without true love – marriage life may be the most burdensome thing in life. Like this mysterious love story – it may happen to many people without knowing the other person properly.

So we better to be very circumspective in this matter. A learning man learns free of cost but a stubborn man learns with high cost.

(The above names are changed to avoid the identity of the people in the story)

Watch out – the Counterfeit goods and man

What were the genuine goods that you had purchase last time? Do you know that counterfeit goods are marketed more than the genuine goods? If we study the quality of goods that are available in today’s market – you will amaze to learn the fact of fake goods.

With the increase of population and advance in technology – the more counterfeit goods are increasing every year. All the genuine company that produces quality goods and genuine materials are surpassed by the counterfeit goods.

Which goods are genuine or have good quality in India? It may be strange to learn but infact genuine goods are rare to find now. All the goods from small thing like salt to non-food like clothing to human being – counterfeit goods lead the market.

You may ask – who is suppose to scrutinize all the counterfeit goods? Yes there are some responsible people but most of them are lackadaisical and some are involve in counterfeit goods or themselves are counterfeit person.

Money plays an important role, which steals the heart of the people and makes more counterfeit goods; it also produces more counterfeit people. Every thing seems to be counterfeit goods – from small things to big things and from small man to big man.


Do you know why we need to take more doses in medicine? Today even if we take medicine according to the prescribed doses by the physician, there is not much action taking in our body.

It is because of the counterfeit medicine flooded in the market. India is becoming one of the largest producers of forge medicine in the world.

Marijuana & other drugs

From edible to live supporting drugs – there are some drugs like marijuana, heroine and other drugs, which are mixed with other mixture of similar drugs.

Heroine, marijuana itself is harmful and adding more chemical and other mixtures can be more harmful to consume it.


Salt is one of the cheapest foods however we hardly get pure salt without the mixture of other impure things. The quality of salt is very bad and some time it is very harmful for human consumption.

Salt is mixed with white stone and other dangerous materials. Always insist to get the iodized salt for better health even it may contain some impure particles.


The milk you purchase in the market is adulterate with water. Mother may feed milk to her children with great love and care to her children expecting her child to be healthy. However the result may be contrary due to adulterate milk.

Fruits and vegetables:

You may no expect to get forge fruits and vegetables since most of the people get fresh fruits and vegetables in all the remote places. But the fruits and vegetables in city have different story to note.

The green vegetable and yellowish mangoes and reddish carrots are of great attraction for the housewives or maidservants also all those who go for marketing. But take a second breath before you stretch out your hand to purchase those beautiful fruits and vegetables.

The reddish carrots, which are available in the market, seem to be very enticing to purchase. However the reddish carrots are just colored with artificial color.

Two years back the suspicious reddish color carrots were detected in some markets in Pune and sent to the laboratory for further investigation and it was discovered that all those reddish color carrots were just colored by artificial color to look attractive to the consumers.

The reddish color tomatoes, yellowish banana and mangoes are sometime injected or spread with some medicines to ripe the immature one and all those attractive fruits are not healthy for human consumption; comparatively the vitamin contains in those fruits are lesser than those natural ripen fruits.

Turmeric powder and other masala powder:

Turmeric powder and other masala powder are mixed with other particles but ingeniously mixed with same color to look as genuine one. It is difficult to make out with our naked eyes without taking to the laboratory for analysis.

Rice, Dal & some other food items:

Rice is mixed with lots of stones, husk and other particles. Dal is mixed with stones and other dust particles. Flour (Atta and Maida) are also mixed with small stones and other particles. Many times all these items are harmful for human consumption.

Cold drink:

Cold drink is another beverage food that is adulterate and mixed with some poisonous chemicals. The anti-frozen chemical that contain in cold drink is poison, which is harmful to large consumption.

We may serve cold drink with love to our special visitors or guests but unintentionally or ignorantly poisoning them with our love from our heart. It may be bizarre but I have got one who gets drunk or high after taking 1.5 liter of Coca or Pepsi.

So believe me that it is harmful to consume. In 2000s, there was Pepsi drinking competition in Delhi University Campus and some students fainted after consuming 2liters of Pepsi.


For the people living in the remote places – the branded clothes are less concern. However in the city and metropolitan city – the branded apparel always show their status. Today the counterfeit Levi’s, Woodland, Nike, Red tape, Benetton, Ally Solly etc are flooded in the market.

Electronic goods:

It is difficult to make out the genuine electronic goods that are available today in the market. Counterfeit Computer, Mobile, CDs, Radio, TV, Fridge etc are available in the market with similar price or almost half of that genuine one.

Some time people sell the inauthentic electronic goods with same price to camouflage the fake goods. The outside cover of any electronic goods may be similar with the authentic one but the configuration and other elements inside may be totally fake one.

Money and stamp: Many times we find counterfeit money and stamp in the market. Every year some people were caught in possession of counterfeit money.

One of the biggest scandals in fake stamp was carried out by Telgi and accomplice. In this fake stamp scandal – many politicians and policemen were involved.


Institution, which is suppose to stand as one of the purest in its name but recently it becomes a great headache for many students. Recently some of the institutions in India are found to be fake university and institutions.

There are some institutions and university, which is not recognized by UGC or NCERT. One of my friends who got admitted in B.Ed in Chattisgarh was finally packed the things went home as that institution was not recognized by UGC or not affiliated to any recognized university.

Today we need to check and recheck the authentity of the existing institution before we take the admission.

Fabricated certificate

You may no sit for any exam; you may no be eligible for the degree but if you have money, you can still possess the certificate. The fake certificates are available as like any other goods as there are some impersonating people working on it.


There are some impersonators almost in every cities, town and villages. The impersonators play different roles in different places but there some who play their own role.

In some insurgent dominated areas, like in northeast, there are some impersonators of the insurgent and collect money from the businessmen. There are impersonators in cities who pretend to be the gangster and demand money from the rich people.

Job Placement

Is there any job call as fake or unauthentic job? There are some job placements where you will be recruiting after taking money. However within one or two months – they will remove you from the job because they want money from you and not your service in the company.

Some people also promise a white-color job and take money. However they do not provide the job according to their promises. These kind of false promises are frequent in job placement for Indians in abroad.

Some of the above cited examples do not included everything, which are not authentic. However we may still find many things more, which are adulterate or ingenuine in many aspects.

So think twice before you stretch out your hand to purchase or taking into consider any one or anything.

The Superficial Society Emerges Today!

Who cares if I write? Who cares whether you read or not? This is what the superficial society is. Today as we live in this 21st Century, the whole system of our society is changing swiftly. The Early Man fought together the wild animals; there was community life in all the villages.

But today the modern education taught our society the different value system in our lives; the value system of individualism; who cares if you are doing something good or some one is doing some thing good for you? Who cares what other says or who listen to the leaders? Is this the modern education taught us to live a better in an individualistic way?

As the modern science and technology developed – the superficial society is gradually emerging with the modernization. When we retrospect the past centuries or even in last century; we find the whole system of our society is more systematic and people are more disciplined in many aspects.

Today, are we living in the darkness and superficial system of the society? How many of us ponder the present situation and weep or pray in repentance? Today there is stiff competition and every one is becoming individualistic.

But the competition between the individual is not even for their own good. Every individual has every right to live an individualistic life. But today people are becoming individualistic to destroy his or her own life and the systematic society.

Today, who makes the rules and who breaks the rules or who implement the rules? We have the people to make the rules; we have the people to break the rules. But do we have the people to implement the rules?

People who make rules assume that it is not their duty to implement the rules. While who is suppose to implement the rules? If the rules are not implemented, why they make the rules? The rules are made for an individual, family, village, town, and city and for the nation.

But the rule starts to break from the individual life. There are many rules made by the government for the political leaders, laymen etc. But who cares to obey the rules or who cares to implement any rule?

Who is talking to you? Are you listening? People are talking voluminously in public about corruption, cheating, raping, thieving, killing, drug addiction, smoking, drinking etc. But who cares to listen even if there is talk or gossip in public?

We know that many do all sorts of mischievous things. But who listen to what we are talking about? Why the evil-doers do not listen? It is because in this superficial society, many people or leaders who talk in public also involves in one or another mischievous thing in life.

We have many teachers but do we have no learners today? Everyone seems to be a teacher or Guru of his /her own. The parent teaches their children but the children hardly learn what they teach. Anything that teaches for the good of the people seems bitter to swallow. Outside the School also we have the elders who teach us. But the learners have lost the desire to learn any good things.

We are taught in different ways; the parents and elders teach the children and youngster and the elders also have their own teachers who teaches them in difficulty, success and other aspects. But today every individual is becoming a boss and stubborn. Who will be the learners and listeners if we all become the teachers of one another?

Who preaches who follows? The religious leaders preach but do we have the people to practice what they learn from the preachers? The Christian, Hindu, Muslim religion leaders etc preach in their worshipping place. But it seems none of the preacher is preaching successfully and the followers are following.

In this world, which religion teaches us to kill, rape, corrupt, cheat etc? It may be easy for a preacher to blame the followers for not practicing what they have preached to the followers. The followers may also have the similar attitude by blaming that their preachers are not giving the life saving message. Whom to blame now in this superficial society? As the mindset of every individual is changing; the entire system of the society is become very superficial.

Who writes who reads? Who cares who is who? It is easier to write than practicing in practical life. Today who sincerely and truthfully write? And who bother to read and preach? Who cares what others write? Who cares who is writing what? Who cares whether they read or not?

A difficult world emerge that we only want to use our own brain. The preconception and our own projection becomes the rule now. Today we have many veteran writers. But who reads and practice? Almost everyone think, “I’m the best and I don’t have to learn or accept others” For many the valuable write-up become like the gold given to the pig. Why this entire attitude of our people is changing?

Who cares you? Who feels? Who are supposed to care others? Do the people feel the love and care? Today we hardly find any genuine love and caring and people can’t feel from the heart. In the name of God or humanitarian ground they received money from within or abroad.

Who bothers to check where the fund goes? People who are supposed to receive do not receive but the people who are not supposed to receive enjoy the share of others. But who cares what they are doing? And who cares what they doing for others? Who gives and who takes? Are they giving the share of the poor or rich?

Who starts? Who finishes? Many things have started with good noble purpose. But who bother to acknowledge the noble works? The lonely noble cannot live eternally and we need some one to take over. But who bother to take over the unfinished task except some successful criticism. The numbers of noble people are becoming lesser. We have many great men; we have many people who work great things for others but no one is there to support the heavy-laden carrying on by the noble men.

Who does? Who criticizes? Whether it is good or bad – we have the critics; we have Judas Iscariot who is ready to sell with thirty cent all the noble works. We have a few people who do good thing for others. But have the mob of people who criticize. A constructive criticism is always appreciable but in this superficial world, we hardly find any constructive critics. Today there is no much value – whether you have done something great or small.

The love to have individual freedom in this superficial society becomes main objective. It is a society now that I don’t want to learn from others and I don’t want to teach what I know. The community life, trust and cooperation between leaders and mass are gradually losing.

Today this superficial society is changing so swiftly from bad to worst. There are also some leaders who really work hard to change the whole system; they want to change this stereotype and superficial society to a dynamic and respectable society. But who cares what they say or do? Who cares if you tell them or who cares if they tell you?

Today every individual need to change his or her attitude then only we can restore to our earlier systematic and respectable society.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Every year many people celebrated Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. But many of us know little about the St. Valentine’s Day. There are different legends about the origin of Valentine’s Day. One legend stated that Valentine was a priest who served during in third century in Rome. And he was put to death because he defied Emperor Claudius II’s decree and continuing to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. Another legend suggested that he fell in love with a young girl, probably the daughter of jailer’s daughter who used to visit him in the prison. It is believed that he wrote a letter to her, which he signed as “From your Valentine”, an expression that is still use today. Around 498 AD Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as St. Valentine’s Day. In France and England, Feb.14 is the beginning of bird’s mating season and the idea came to the people that middle of February should be a day for romance.

In Great Britain, V-day celebration starts in 17th century and it became common for friends and lovers to exchange small token of love or handwritten notes. By the end of 18th century, printed cards replaced with written letters. In America, handmade valentines used in early 1700s, and started the printed card in 1840s. About the Valentine’s Day is vague, but the stories emphasis his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and importantly a romantic figure. In 17th century, Valentine’s Day is not only means for the lovers or couples but exchange of small token of affection or handwriting notes among the friends and others. But for many people in India, Valentine’s Day mean only for the lovers or couples because we celebrate Mother’s, Father’s, Raksha Bandhan and Friendship’s day in other days. Whatever it may be – Valentine’s day is a day you can express your loved ones – your parents, siblings, friends and all those who matters.

Many people save money to get the most expensive gifts for their loved one on V-day. The Shiv Sena and VHP opposed the V-day to celebration as it is a culture imported from foreign soil but they don’t oppose to give the gifts to their loved one in India. The V-day was not celebrated in early days in India but the essence and concept of V-day was there before the V-day being celebrated in India. Love and gift is common to every country but not to V-day celebration. There is love and everyone possesses love but only V-day is set part as a special day to express love to his or her loved ones. In every country, there is mixed culture and V-day is celebrated every year – whether in an ordinary or special way, except in some orthodox countries where there is restriction of practicing the foreign cultures.

This year how will you celebrate and what will be your gifts to your loved one? Is it necessary to buy a gift to express your love to some one? What is the best way to express your love – a small gift with big love or an expensive big gift with little love? V-day is only a special day set part from other days but it never means that there should not be love in other days. On this V-day, it is the time for the different companies – from Pepsi to Dior to Corum to earn a big money by producing different love gift packages. But for the Valentinians, it is the time to spend in purchasing the costly gifts for their loved one.

For many people love is blind totally blind and expresses their love with an expensive gift, which is beyond their capacity (budget) to purchase the gifts. In today’s materialistic world, many people see the price of the gifts and only few people value highly the small gift and see the heart of the givers. Have you ever received any gift and snubbed the gift because the price of the gift is cheap? Some time, the price of the gift may be cheap but there is heart in that gift, which is costlier than the costliest gift that you received form some one without any heart in it.

There are many V-day gifts articles available from Archies shop (small gifts) to Corum (big gifts) There are many V-day gifts available ranging from Rs.100 (or below) to 532,000 Let’s me tell you what some of my friends are going to purchase the gifts and do on this Valentine’s Day. Some people think that they should buy an expensive gift on this V-day while the other thinks that it is not necessary to give an expensive gift for their loved one to show their love. One of my friend’s names Mr. Keishing wants to purchase the Pepsi ‘Love Wrap’ from Delhi. Pepsi ‘Love Wrap’- where his love messages will be printed on customized labels of 500-ml Pepsi bottle with Roses.

One stem of roses cost Rs.1,000/-. Another friend of mine Ms Pounai wants to get a suitcase-Panache as a gift for her boy friend- who loves to travel around the world. The price of Panache would be around Rs 3500-4500. Mr. Alemchiba wants to get a watch from Luxury watchmaker Christian Dior for his girl friend. Dior Girly watch is between Rs 30,500 to 44,000. There is also a scheme with that watch that anyone who buys the watch will get a free Candle light meal with Moet Hennessy Champagne in a Five Star restaurant some where in Delhi or Mumbai.

A friend of mine whose father is a Cabinet minister thinks that the best way to express his genuine love to his girl friend is giving the most expensive gifts available for the Valentine’s Day. So he would be getting a ‘Trapeze pink watch’ from Corum. The price of Trapaze is Rs 532,000. All of my friends who have got girl friend and boy friends want to buy the best gifts for their loved one but what about the Singles? The Singles are also has something special for them. On this V-day the single yuppie friends of mine like Ms Chang, Leiyation, Asenla, Kevi and Nepuni have something special from Taj Group. The hotel Taj Group Goa has planned a range of activities to keep the singles fully occupied. These include icebreaker activities, Meditation programs, Swimming competition, Poolside and beach side activities, cocktail making etc.

Whether you are in India or foreign country- you are in city or countryside, love is in the air. Whether you celebrate V-day or not- you buy small or big gift-love is in the air. Whether it is V-day special gift or any other special or ordinary gifts-the most important aspects in gifts are not the price of gifts but the heart of the people or gift itself. Gift is something special that man cannot give easily without heart in it. We need to give gifts with our heart and receive with our sincere heart. A truthful rejection of gift is better than accepting without acceptance from the heart. A small gift with lots of love is better than the costliest gift without any love or heart. So express your love with gifts and accept the gifts with love.

(The above names are changed to avoid their identities)