Debunking Thohe’s Kuknalim

Debunking Thohe’s Kuknalim

2.3 lakhs topics and more. 40,000 hits a day and counting, 5, 600 registered members and expanding, 6 years and still growing

These are the Kuknalim numbers I know. Now let’s get to the insides for some more insights to look for that number from where everything originates. Zero. All you need is to ask, “What are the chances for all these many people to have and share the same thought?” Zero. Zilch. Is it any wonder then that a certain Mr. Thohe has his own point of view (POV) too? And just as every Kukker (anyone who visits Kuknalim) tolerates his POV, every other Kukker’s POV has to be given the same treatment. As a registered Kukker, I would like to put across my answers to the questions he has posed in his article “Is it promoting tribalism & in favor of the Non-Nagas?” published in Nagaland Post, 7th August.

1. Promoting Favoritism: Just a few days back, I visited a man of prayer. It was early in the morning. Some people were already there. So I along with my friends awaited our turn. Sitting on a bench, I stared blindly ahead of me. A thick fog had created a boundary and I couldn’t see beyond some few meters. As I continued gazing, the breeze blew away the fog and Kohima became visible. There is existence beyond the fog. Similarly, there is more to the world than just exotic Nagaland. “Nagaland for Christ”, if God was for favoritism, Nagaland would be Eden permanently demarcated by a fog.

Here, I want to question the usage of the word “Non-Naga” to remove the ambiguity it puts in me. Does Non-Naga mean Mainland Indians? European? American? Would Thohe still pick the lines if Ratatat had been either a European or an American? If we really have to take history into account, shouldn’t we have a chip on the shoulder against the British Raj? Isn’t AFSPA a by-product of their regime? But then since Thohe claims that we don’t even know history, perhaps, he can enlighten me here.

2. Naga Issues: I wasn’t born a Naga. I was born a girl-child. My individuality is my identity. God made me an individual first, not a Naga. As individuals, we all posses personalities. “Naganess” is not our essence. Being a Naga is an extension of our identity. Thus, it is obvious that there is more to an individual than him just belonging to a country, place or community. Just because I cease to write about “Naga issues” doesn’t make me any less a Naga. From my POV, I am greatly encouraged when I see young writers contribute love, hope and life through their writings, acknowledging one another’s achievement, providing moral support to young achievers, pushing people to excel lest they turn out to be “issues” instead. For all we know, people still write when even to be alive for a day is a miracle.

3. Promoting Tribalism: Kuknalim represents a community to me. When there is participation, nobody is a stranger. It is important therefore not to make only friends and acquaintances but to forge relationships. When your intention is to build relationships the keyboard knows no creed. Issues come into the picture only when a friend is attacked or discriminated because s/he belongs to a particular tribe. The bond however makes us defend the tribe to protect the friend. Bonds make us sensitive to people’s situation. Friendships and relationships should precede tribal fences. I can proudly say that I have lots of Kuk friends who have even hosted me when I travel, filled up my exam forms, got my tickets done. Tribal factor never came into play. Sometimes, I wish we can all have a word with God prior to birth to negotiate what tribe we can be born into.

4. Promoting Hatred: Every paper, magazine, broadcast station, website has a disclaimer which states the content does not in anyway reflect the views and opinion of the message medium. When an individual writes, it is a personal POV and not necessarily a world view. Everything becomes subjective as well as relative. Therefore, what you read, hear and see has to be taken in as education. It also means the Editor, Proprietor, Administrator has the final say as to what goes for public feeding. Every medium has its own Operating Policies. So, if a particular user is disabled, it must be for a reason and not necessarily because the Administrator promotes Tribalism or Favoritism.

Message for Kukkers: Considering the numerical fact that there are over 2.3 lakhs topics in Kuknalim, we have to responsible with our words. A lot is being written and the Moderators don’t have enough time to go through each and every word. Let us learn to tolerate instead of reacting. At the same time, it amuses me that only a few string of lines have been picked. It could mean a lot of things. But what bothers me is why do hunt only for the negative? Why do we pay so much respect to it? And for those who forum a lot in “Issues concerning Nagaland” forums, for a change, lets stop blaming our Outfits for all our failed ventures. It’s easy to be outside Nagaland and talk a lot about taxes you don’t even pay and haven’t even paid once. To beat the system, you have to be in the system. Cause and Effect.

Sophy Lasuh


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