God Keep Us Content

Man wants to be contented and work hard to be contented. But life is not a bed of roses; we encounter problems and happiness in our lives. We are happy when we completed our works or when hear any good news. However sometime, the good news to us may be a bad news to somebody. As we live on – we face trials in our live.

Trials in our live may be bitter but when we overcome the trials in our live – we become strong and happy. Unless the iron is heated in a furnace with a very high temperature – no gold can be extracted from the iron ore.

The more it is heated – the purer gold can be extracted. In a similar way – the more we face the trials in our live – the more we become strong. We need to have positive attitude when we face the trials and problems. Some time a small problem may seem to be a very big problem because it depends on our projection that we project the problems.

Every one wants to be freed from sorrows. There may be only few people who want to be sorrow in their lives to be more human through their sorrowful life.

The Bible says, “Happy are those who are sorrow for they will reap the happiness” but infact we all want to avoid from any sorrowful life. We become more humanly as we encounter a sorrowful life but generally not one welcome any kind of sorrowful life in their life time.

Some one says, “If you want to be more humble; you should failed many times then you will become more humble”. However not one work hard to be failed in their work. Every one wants to be successful in all their works. We work hard to success and not to be a failure in life.

It is one of the human nature that when we become more successful in our live – we become less humble and keep our heads higher. However due to some reasons – they also failed in one or another ways and make them more humble.

The law of nature also works in this aspect to keep ourselves humble so that it may be adjustable with other people around us. Some people become proud when they become successful so it makes them a failure to be humble again. However the humble people continue to work hard and become more successful as they live a humble life.

We are all happy when we are successful in our business or any other works. We all want to be a successful person in this world and live a happy life. As we work hard, the luck favors us and God‘s grace falls on us. When we are successful – our lives commence to glow but sometime we do not get happiness or satisfy with our successful life.

The successful life seems to be glowing and glowing and attracts many people. Many people may praise and congratulate; some people may envy and angry. Whatever the views and projections from other side may be – the successful man may not content with their successful life. The unsuccessful man way projected them in different way but the successful people have different projection in their successful life in real life.

When we are happy it makes us a very sweet person; when we are sorrowful, it makes us more human; when we failed – we become more humble; when we face the trials – it makes us stronger; when we are successful – there is glowing in our lives but we find that only God gives us contentment in our lives.

We may be sweet, human, humble, strong and glowing in our lives but we may find not contentment in our live without God. Our happiness may make us sweet and make us more adjustable with other people. But happiness is only temporary and it diminishes as the time passes. When we are sorrowful – it makes our live helpless and hopeless without God.

But with God – our sorrows are carry away by God and give us joy and peace in our live. Our God is not only the giver of contentment but everything that we need in our live. When people are very sorrowful – instead of they become more humble – some times it leads to distression and loss their faith. Therefore unless we are with him – we cannot become more human and humbler.

God sometime give us unexpected problem just to test us but when face the problem – instead of becoming stronger and come closer to God – but sometime we aloof from God and take our own decision. We need to take God’s help as we encounter the problems in our live then only we can become strong. It may be difficult to humble ourselves unless we are closed enough to God.

It is not necessary that we will become humble if we failed one time or many times in our live. Becoming more humble after failing is nothing but changed in our projection and God is leading in the right way. For many people – they become very rude after they failed instead of becoming humble. Therefore unless God’s love and peace present in our heart – it may no be possible for us to become humbler when we failed in our life.

There are many people who had suicide because of failure in life and we cannot guarantee that we will become more humble when we failed in our lives. As a human being – we have got lots of limitations. Successes bring us glory and make it glows in our live. But how long it may grows in our life? Many times we may no know that God helped us to get success in our live and therefore not recognizing his greatness and help in our live – it may loss the glowing in our lives without God.

Whatever it may be – happiness, strong, humbleness, glowing or sweetness – it will no bring us contentment without God. Today we may have everything and we may happy, strong, humble and glowing in our lives – but tomorrow all these things may be disappear without God’s presence in our lives.

There is nothing that God cannot do and there is nothing man cannot do when man have even a small faith like a mustard seed.

God’s unconditional love and caring for his people is incomparable with anything on this earth.


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