Naga Girl Raped in Mumbai Is It Strange?

Naga Girl Raped in Mumbai Is It Strange?

By: R.B. Thohe Pou *

 In this modern world – rape cases are commonly known. As the civilization and modernization increases, more rape cases are reported almost every day in daily newspaper in India. The different type of rape cases are reported today with the change of time and people lifestyle. In antique – the forceful rape cases were common but today the other types of rape cases are reported. On 19th September 2006, a Naga girl was lured by two men, giving false promises of an airline job – took her to Malwani Resort and raped her by two men. She is 24 years old and working as Lobby Assistant at Sea Princess Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai.

 According to the Police reported in TOINS showed that she moved to Mumbai three months back and lived in a Khar flat taking in lease. Three months living in any metropolitan city means – nobody can have good knowledge of the city landscape, the lifestyle of the people, the rickshaw and Taxiwalla etc especially in Mumbai, which is one of the fastest growing life style in India. Many people study about the people lifestyle, job profile to take up, climatic condition etc before they leave to any new city or place. However for many people such kind of notion never came to their mind. The recent Naga girl raped in Mumbai was occurred due to such of ignorant and innocency. How can we easily trust someone who accosted us to give white-collar job? Gullible people can be raped anytime and fleece by others. We need to trust others but trusting someone without knowing him or her properly is becoming very risky in this modern world.

Promising to give a white-collar job and raping the woman is not more a strange thing in India city. To get a decent job – it’s becoming very difficult in India and how can someone easily provide a good job unless going through a long process of interview and scrutinizing the documents? For the first time it is reported that a Naga girl was raped giving false promises of better job. However nothing is strange for the other society in India. This kind of false promises to provide a better job and raping the woman is very common in India. Regarding the false promises of giving job and fake job – I had earlier written an article under the title, “Watch out the counterfeit goods and men” and this article carried in Nagaland Post newspaper and some other paper and internet news website like, etc. But I don’t know how many people took the pain to read the article and took the precautions on fake goods and men.

I am deeply sorrow with the unfortunate Naga girl who was raped by promising to give a false job. However this is the first time a Naga girl or a Northeast girl was raped in India city by promising to give a better job and I believe that many northeast girls will take this opportunity to learn a good lesson and take more precaution to accept any false promise job and other enticing job that leads to defame themselves. There are different ways or types of rape cases and the Naga girl raped in Mumbai is another way of rape case. Why and how she was raped in Mumbai by two men is a big question to analyze on.

After learning the reason of raping the girl – the different people may have different answer and perception on this rape case. Definitely according to the legal law – all the people will charge or say that the rapists are the responsible person but there can some people who may blame the victim in their heart. In antique – mostly the women were raped forcefully but today different kinds or ways of raping are reported in daily newspaper in India. With the increase in population and more job opportunity in India – more raped cases are reported related to false promise of giving job and many more rape cases can be reported if the women are gullible and trust the others who accosted them. Many women were raped by giving false job opportunity and some by promising to promote to higher post.

Another type of rape case is by consenting by the victim. This kind of rape cases also related to their job and false love. Some of the women were also used and raped by their boss but due to some reasons – they do not report or publicize to the people. This kind of rape cases is many but it seems to be less due to unreported in the newspaper. Another ways of common raping the women is giving false promise to marry. In India, many women were also raped by giving false promising to marry them. As the modernization took place in India – there is more raped cases reported almost every day. Today, many Naga women are in different cities of India and there can more rape case that may be reported if they are very gullible and expose too much in their dresses. One of my Professor said, “No dress is good or bad; it depends on how they expose”.

I also believe that exposing too much entices the rapists and we need to be more careful even in our dressing too. By Naga nature – we are very frankly and innocent too. Therefore many people can take advantage of our candidness and innocency but we should always be very circumspective in this modern world. Today if we are with the Christian leaders – they may say that today we are living in the Dark Age, where spirituality is totally losing. The Naga girl raped in Mumbai is nothing strange or bizarre because this thing is common in every city with other societies. When I say that it is no strange or uncommon – I am not trying to justify or support the rapists because the rape cases are too many in India that occurs almost every day. I strongly condemned the rapists or culprits and they should be booked according to Indian penal code rape case.

In conclusion, I strongly condemned the rapists and request the concern authorities to seize the culprits and give life imprisonment. I also extend my deep sorrow and pain to the victim who was unfortunate to meet the fate. I also would like to request all the Northeast women and in particular to Naga women to be more circumspective to take any job offer by the unknown person or even the trustable person in the future. Sometime, a good job may be very enticing to our eyes but we need to know first the person who offers the job and the job profile. MORE UPDATES ABOUT THIS CASE: The Accusers Want the Naga Girl to withdraw the rape Case Pune, 23rd Sept. 2006: The whole nation knew how the Naga girl was raped on 19th September 2006. However the culprits think that they can handle the case with money and muscle power and escape from the crime. The accused wife, brother-inlaw and friends want the victim to withdraw the rape case through bribing the victim, which was fire in the police station… It is also alleged that the victim was threatened by the accusers to kill her if she will not withdraw the case.

The President of Naga Students Union, Mumbai (NSUM) wants to meet the victim but the police did not allowed him to meet the victim and he was allowed to meet the victim by the police only after pleading them more than an hour. According to the senior Naga person in Mumbai, “The NSUM President and all the senior Naga persons are working hard get the justice”. In telephonic conversation with this reporter, the President said, “The victim is under the custody of NSUM and she is not going to withdraw the case” Regarding this issue, this reporter also made trunk call and sent SMS to Assam politicians and to the Honorable M. P. Mani Cherenamei (Delhi) and UNC President (Delhi) to give their support to get the justice.

All the senior Naga leaders and other well-wishers are now trying to pressurize the Maharashtra police to arrest the culprits immediately. According to last night report from the NSUM President, one of the culprits is arrested and the police are now hunting the absconding man and their friends. All the Naga leaders in Mumbai are hopeful that the victim will get the justice on time. Not only the Nagas in Mumbai – the whole Northeastern Students in Mumbai also give their solidarity in condemning the barbarous act.


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