Statement in response to Thohe Pou’s

Statement in response to Thohe Pou’s’s doors have been opened to all Nagas across the globe irrespective of their likes and dislikes. We have successfully ran the largest forum with over 2.3lakh topics for the Nagas over 6 years. Members have a chance to express their views openly and honestly. The moderators work hard to maintain edit the forums based on the feedback from other members.

All members agree to the websites policies by registering in the website and the administrators take no responsibility for the forum content.

Nagas from Tankghul, Zeliang, Lotha, Angami, Sema and Ao are involved in managing and maintaining except with the involvement of our Technical Administrator who himself is ‘Anglo-Indian’ and married to a Naga.

In Thohe’s article, he blames’s site administrator for promoting tribalism and in favour of Non-Nagas.

Thohe commented on a member slandering the NSCN. has disabled the particular member from logging onto the system as according to the websites policies. We have warned the member over the past year. We are on the look out for others like him and we heavily rely on feedback from the other 5600 registered members.

Thohe also accuses that “ignores” articles based on “Naga issues” and is ignorant about the importance of Naga issues.

We do not “ignore” all articles. On the other hand, encourages its members and guests to submit news articles. publishes articles from Nagaland dailies, Naga organizations and groups.

Thohe accused about a picture posted in its Picture Gallery about a Naga girl was killed in 2005.

That was one picture that displayed gore. If there are other Naga issues, members like yourselves have not taken the initiative to upload pictures. Pictures and articles that are constructive in nature are appreciated.

Inhumane pictures like these WILL NOT be published for any reason.

Thohe, Thank you for pointing out forums that were written by guests in 2005. As the face of the internet and information changes so rapidly, old forum messages are archived and removed from the website.

Moreover, that topic has been removed a long time. It is not advisable to base your article on out dated topics like these.

The site administrator has procedures in place to control articles of this nature on a regular basis.

While it is impossible to monitor the site in real time due to constraints, moderators spend significant time on the forums to weed these articles out.

If you have more suggestions, is happy to communicate with you to better its website rather than raising popularity for in this fashion.

While we have a policy that Site Administrators are not responsible for comments on the website, we do appreciate your concern.

Naga leaders need to know that this article is misleading and false as it is based on already corrected measures in Whilst this discussion has taken place, the popular giant continues to receive articles from all Organizations, Groups, Newspapers across the globe on Nagas across the globe.

N. Yan Murry,

Co-founder and Site Administrator,


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