The Present urgent needs for the Poumai Naga

By-R.B. Thohe Pou

The Poumai Naga is one of the oldest and major Naga tribe, which is located in Senapati District, Manipur and four villages in Phek District in Nagaland.

The Poumai Naga is well known to the entire tribal areas in Manipur and Nagaland since antique due to its Pouli (Poumai Earthen pot) and Poutai (Pou salt) production.

The Poumai Naga also recognized as a separate tribe in 2002 and now to bring all kinds of development in Poumai area is totally depending on our unprejudiced and sincere hard work of our Poumai leaders…

We know that we are deficient in many aspects but who will be responsible?
Who are practically working for the development of the Poumai Naga society?

We need to contemplate on the present need for the development. Why we are still lacking? How can we bring more development?

Unless we find out the practical solution – it will always remain untouched all the problems. The road transportation can be one of the most important attributes to bring pragmatic developments in Poumai Naga dominated areas.

The availability of good road transportation is indirectly affecting the present economic condition, depletion of forest, indigenous agricultural practices, health of the people, trade and commerce, mindset of the people etc.

The Poumai Nagas have very rich land resources but it is still untapped. We have also great potentiality to practice truck-farming but due to pathetic condition of the road transportation especially in the central and eastern parts of Poumai villages – it is very difficult to cultivate vegetables and fruits for commercial purpose.

At present only 9.4% of the total households is using cylinder gas for cooking and other purposes. With the availability in good road transportation, it is also possible to reduce the deforestation for firewood consumption because people can obtain cylinder gas from Maram Bazar or Senapati.

Shifting cultivation and cutting the forest for firewood are the two main factors leading to depletion of forest in Poumai villages. If we have good road transportation – the present indigenous agricultural practices also can be improved.

Many people used to die in Poumai villages since the sick persons are difficult to carry on foot without the road transportation. Once the road transportation is availability in the areas, there is also great potentiality to elevate the present trade and commerce.

Unless there is good road transportation availability in the areas, even the mindset of the people also cannot alter. To have good road transportation – we need the political leaders who will work for the Poumai Nagas.

In Poumai Naga community, the Poumai Masou Me (PMM) and Poumai Tsiidoumai Me (PTM) can play a very important task in bringing better road transportation and other developments if they are sincerely working without any biased.

They also have the authority and power to deal with any political leaders to bring development in our villages.

RB Thohe Pou is a regular contributor to . The writer can be contacted at thohepou(at)rediffmail(dot)com . This article was webcasted on April 26th, 2007


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