Invitation for criticism-

Invitation for criticism-

I am so happy that my small write up had awakened the IM and some one who one-sidedly supports them (IM). My letter to NNC is that Naga Sovereignty must be protected at any cost for the jaws of anti Naga forces and adversaries. The NSCN is so consistent that no wind blows from any direction will shake it. Infact, I joined the NSCN very recently and as a small cadre in the government set up, but my blood belongs to the Nagas. My late joining the national struggle does not make me an inferior in defending the national sovereignty. This is how I don’t feel myself new to the NSCN and Naga National Movement. Infact, I was involved in national movement indirectly when I was just a student. I am always for the good of the Nagas. Therefore, I don’t mind for any form of criticism. In short, my write up is an invitation of criticism.

Let us try to understand why we are compelled to malign and condemn our leaders. I strongly felt that Th. Muivah, the general secretary of IM should or could have signed the ceasefire agreement with GOI for the Nagas as a whole, instead of sticking only to his group so that it could have wider scope. Instead of trying to embrace of his Naga brothers, Th. Muivah insisted on GOI not to sign ceasefire agreement with any other Naga group. Then how selfish he is! Therefore my previous write up said, “Th. Muivah is a victim of his selfishness and vindictiveness”. He has no courage for rapprochement among the Naga brothers. Let us also try to recall all those days when all the Nagas came forward for reconciliation and unification with each other in the spirit of forget and forgive but Th. Muivah turned all these efforts, including Atlanta Peace Talk of 1997 and ten years ceasefire and unification offer of the NSCN-K.

Let us turn our eyes to the interview of Th. Muivah in the North East Sun issue on December 15, 2006 and BBC interview between Sheela Bhat and Padmana-bahiah in brief. In his interview in the North East Sun, Subhir Bhumick asked Muivah why you think that you don’t have settlement after eight years of negotiation. To which Muivah replied thus, “We climbed down from the position of absolute sovereignty.” In another question, Th. Muivah again replied “We are not opposed to the presence of the Indian Army in Nagaland”. Even in many local papers, he (Muivah) unhesitantly declared that he had dropped the sovereignty issue. Then the question is in which meeting of the Naga people ever passed a resolution for dropping the sovereignty issue? Who authorized him (Muivah) to act independently and drop sovereignty issue without the knowledge of the Nagas? There was a national movement of sovereignty before Muivah joined the movement and it will keep on fighting for complete sovereignty even after he dies. Therefore friends, I’m not misleading the Nagas. If you see the Sheela Bhat interview with Padmanabahiah, you will see that the latter explained the position of IM that ‘they are not sticking to their original stand of sovereignty.’ I personally think that they are looking for a solution within the Constitution of India and that itself is a major step forward for them.’ I am not mistaken when I said; you (IM group) have assassinated maximum Naga kilonsers and generals for no fault of theirs. They were assassinated only because they belong to other factions. What do you achieve by these things? Why NSCN blame the Naga civil societies, NICS and NSG, etc because they misuse their good services for your advantage and they seemed to be vulnerable to your manipulation. The position of the NSCN in this regard is firm. The NSCN is not anti to those organizations. Again, the NSCN always declare that it will not enter into political dialogue with GOI, as long as Nagas are a divided house. However it cannot compromise its sovereign stand under any circumstance.

Y. Wangtin Naga,

Dy. Kilonser,

Ministry of Kilo Affairs,




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