An open letter to Professor Timothy Kaping

Dear Professor Kaping,

Having read your letter in the Morung Express dated 1st of August, I was slightly dismayed to the fact that you seem to have not carefully read my article, In and Out of PSND…

Perhaps this was due to the fact that you’re a scholar who is busy with digs at Exeter and presenting Nagalim to the British people at large at Plymouth.

However I must state that as for me, I speck only regarding myself, I am not willing to put my hopes and expectations regarding my Nation in a vechle with no engine.

By now, I believe you would have had more time to read my article. As you would be aware that the issue is not weather one is an Indian, Naga or a Korean. Nor the issue is regarding weather ones name is Sema, Sumi or Kapimoi.

My article raises certain issues, namely four in number, which I believe needs to be answered, for you connivance I will list them below:

1. Is PSND formed by an Act of the British Parliament?

2. Did PSND came into being, by the command of the British Government?

3. What responsibility has the British Parliament given PSND?

4. What power do the do the PSND have, that has been given by the British Government or the British Parliament?

I believe that not only I but whole of Nagalim need to know the answers to four points raised. I for one, have no object if you were to consult your good friend Lord Ahmed regarding this matter.

However I must ask you that the answer should be given in simple manner stating dates names and sources which should be easily verified by the people of Nagalim, I ask this because as you are aware that the people of Nagalim at large are not Doctors or Professor but simple folks who like to think good things of others.

I with the rest of the people of Nagalim eagerly wait for your response.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
Adolf Hitler, (German Chancellor, leader of Socialist Nazi Party)

Vikishe Sema


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