Clarification on DIS Kiphire issue

Clarification on DIS Kiphire issue

I the undersigned would like to take this privilege to clarify to the news item ‘Rejoinder’ and ‘Rejoinder to DIS Kiphire’ on July 15 and 16 respectively in a local daily where K.Topan of Mutonger village gave allegation to DIS kpe. He alleged that DIS Kpe has received a sum of Rs.15000/-(Fifteen Thousand) as a bribe from R.Rekhainthong Teacher I/c GPS Mutonger village and besides this he also warned Hd.GB and GB’s of Mutonger Village for no reason. And to my utter surprise, my name was found as a writer along with him. In this connection I am compelled to issue this rejoinder for defaming my name. Topan when you cannot stand on your own feet, why to you pull others too? Your chairmanship does not mean that you should exercise your power as you like. Rather you should be happy for selecting you and should co-operate, otherwise you may have no more place without the support and blessing, if not the curse will come upon you. And how could you give false allegation to anyone, who is not greedy like you and does not know about the future prospect. I feel ashamed of you, and make sure that all are not illiterate like you. So in the near future please think properly before you ask anyone to write for you because it will be a stumbling block for you and for the village community as a whole with your little knowledge.

Further, the note ‘warning’ in your rejoinder is been noted and for your information as per our customary law it is a capital punishment. So, on what ground you (Topan) have warned the son and grand son’s of the founding father of the very village, who is presently the Head GB and GB’s of Mutonger village. So in this connection if any untoward incident happens to them, you will be held completely responsible. Besides these, you are asked to tender apology through wide publication for illegally using my name in your rejoinder, but this does not mean that the problem is solved.

K.Limtsu, Village Council Member, Mutonger


This is to clarify to the news item appeared in Nagaland Post on 16th July 2007 under
the caption “Rejoinder to DIS Kiphire” where K.Topan and party alleged that I have
given a sum of Rs.15,000 (Fifteen Thousand) to DIS Kiphire for selection of Village Education Committee. In this regard

I am compelled to issue to this rejoinder.

I, being a Government servant, have no position or power to use bribe

and presentation to any officer against Metonger Village in any ground.

But till date, I have co-operated to the majority party of the village council. Lastly on 14th October 2006 there was no meeting or any discussion at my residence as alleged. In this connection I am demanding the concerned person to declare who have heard and seen speaking such words.

R.Rekheanthong, Teacher I/C, GPS Metonger Village.


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