Complaint against SBI Chumu

Complaint against SBI Chumu

The Chumukedima SBI is located right beside the NH-39 and any passer by may simply wonder why such a big number of vehicles and people are gathered daily these days in the vicinity of the bank. It is because of the fact that the bank is giving KCC loan, ATL Service Loan, Car Loan, etc. More than a thousand applicants have so far availed the facility and many more are still waiting for their chance. Due to heavy rush, the concerned bank staff and some public leaders are making hefty income in terms of commission in the guise of trying to help the ignorant farmers. It is also learnt that one has to pay for obtaining an A/C opening form which is free of cost.

Perhaps, the public are grateful to the bank for rendering such a yeoman service to the people. However transparent and systematic procedural formalities should be strictly followed. As for example, there are many applicants who got land certificate signed by the village authority although they don’t have any plot of land, rather they are in rented houses. Another disheartening factor is that a single Field Officer for KCC is assigned to observe and verify the fields under half a dozen SBI Branches. Thus, a procedural formality for KCC loan is delayed.

Due to heavy rush, the bank officials’ attitude towards the customers has become very rude. Only those who please them or speak the same dialect get their works done. The esteemed permanent customers of the bank have to wait the whole day for withdrawal or deposit of their money from their accounts thereby compelling many such prominent clients on the verge of transferring their accounts. Due to heavy rush of applications from Chumukedima town itself, neighbouring villagers under the jurisdiction of SBI Chumukedima are not being equally treated.

As concerned citizens, it is our fervent appeal to the concerned authority to immediately intervene in this shady deal before it blows out of proportion.

Mrs. Rokono Shüya, president,

Mrs. Neibuno Khro,

Chumukedima Town Mothers’ Association.


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