Joseph’s defection to IK camp

Joseph’s defection to IK camp

I am a senior member of the NSCN-K from the Lotha community. When Joseph Patton came to join the NSCN in the mid 2003 after having quarreled with some people on state election related matters, he was reluctantly accepted by the organization. During the time Lothas were few in the NSCN. So under special consideration, he was appointed as sectional officer and was promoted to Deputy Secretary within two years, and was given the charge of the defence department. But due to certain offences committed by him, he was expelled from the organization for one year (2006-07). But again on compassionate ground, after five six months, his expulsion ‘azha’ was revoked and assigned as the supervisor of Lotha region administration. However, he did not understand the duties of a supervisor and usurped all the powers, collected money and arms ammunitions and defected to the IK camp. During his time as deputy secretary-cum-supervisor of Lotha region, he along with Chichamo Tsanglao, Raju Peyu, without the knowledge of their colleagues and without obtaining due direction from the higher ups, eliminated under false pretexts, one Lieut. Mhabemo Ngullie who was a die hard NSCN and a hero in fighting.

Therefore, Joseph and Chichamo are fully responsible for the killing of Lieut. Mhabemo. And that it will be a personal case of the duo and the government’s (GPRN) hand is clean from this crime. Moreover, Joseph and Chichamo will be directly answerable for the collected money, approximately Rs. Fifteen lakhs and total cost of the arms and ammunitions they took away amounting to Rs. Thirty two lakhs now and in future.

When Lothas are hated and checked from every corner of the Nagas due to unknown reasons, the crime and cause of loss to the Lotha region by Chenithung Tungoe of Wokha village and Joseph Patton of Riphyim village will remain a black scar which will be very difficult to erase for all the time to come.

When Kilonser A.Z. Jami, a high ranking leader of the IK group, defected to NSCN, he brought only his mind and principle and did not even bring a piece of document or any empty case of ammunition. He even offered to pay the depreciated cost of the second hand gypsy by which he traveled from Dimapur to Mon. Such integrity and sensitivity and boldness should be inculcated by every cadre, whether NSCN-IK or NNC. Defecting to another faction with government’s money and arms and ammunitions is an act of cowardice and hypocrisy whoever he may be.

The army ranks of those defectors who accompanied him (Joseph) as published in the print media were from Joseph’s pocket except few of the NGOs, and there are no records in any Naga army office of the GPRN/NSCN. And Joseph also did not deserve to be deputy secretary for three years of peace time service, but only on the consideration of tribe wise appointments.


R.M. Lotha,

Kilonser, National Social Welfare, GPRN NSCN-K


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