NSCN (I-M) appreciates PNSD resolution

NSCN (I-M) appreciates PNSD resolution

International support gained by NSCN has come a long way. Ever since NSCN was admitted as a bonafide member of UNPO in 1993, the pace of international campaign for the recognition of Naga people’s historical right for self determination was intensified with all the limited resources at its disposal. God willing was legitimized with the network of Naga support spreading across European countries and United States, besides other countries in Asia.

Significantly, London-based for ‘Parliamentarians National Self-Determination (PNSD)’ is one Naga support group doing relentless campaign for the fulfillment of Naga’s political aspiration. As part of their continuing support to the right of the Naga people to self determination as enshrined in international law PNSD unanimously adopted a resolution on July 25, 2007 to lend supporter to the Naga’s ongoing political negotiation with the Government of India urging NSCN and India to continue the peace process with due diligence and adherence to the three point terms agreed upon namely:

(1) Talk without Pre-conditions,

(2) Talks at Prime Minister level and

(3) Talks to be held in third countries.

NSCN would take to express gratitude to PNSD for the support it has demonstrated, and with all the concern for resorting to dialogue to settle Indo-Naga dispute amicably.



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