NSCN (IM) clarifies on consultative meeting

The significance of the 6th Naga People’s Consultative meeting as held at Hebron was to get the collective opinion of the Nagas as a whole on the issue of ceasefire. Anxious to get the picture of the exact standing of the ongoing ceasefire that is about to come to an end on July 31 there was huge turn out numbering around 5000peole representing 223 Naga organizations with Naga Hoho, NPMHR, NSF and Naga Mothers’ Association playing the leading role. As demanded by the pressing situation opinion and views were expressed from diverse section of people with Assam and Arunachal Nagas boldly expressing their political aspiration.

The general of the meeting was the non-fulfillment of anything tangible in the past period of ceasefire and the futility of ceasefire with the government of India, if the Naga has to be treated in the manner it has treated in the past 10 years of ceasefire. In short the conclusive message of the Nagas to the Government of India was to treat with times specific and result oriented mission or just leave the matter to the Nagas.


Issued by Ministry of Information and Publicity



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