NSCN (IM) response to NSCN (K), FGN

NSCN (IM) response to NSCN (K), FGN

The truth has to be told and the wrong has to be exposed. Pretension has to be pointed out and falsehood has to be put to stop. In the light of this undeniable state of affair among the Naga underground groups it has become pertinent to put before these two question for public judgment.

All these years the NNC members have been trying to distant themselves from Shillong Accord, saying accord was signed under unavoidable circumstances. Now all these signatories are gone facing natural dead. Mr. A.Z. Phizo who keeps mum on the accord has also gone. But after having work together for good and for bad all these years why are the Non-accordists yet to rise up and shout to the world that they condemn the Shillong Accord and face the political reality without any inhibition.

To the Khaplang group an answer is also sought on this question. After fighting for years against the Indian and Burmese forces condemning the Shillong Accord it is a pity to hear that in the recent period Khaplang’s Commander-in-Chief Khole had given a statement saying that he did condemn the Shillong Accord but under duress. What is he trying to convey? Is he for the accord or against the accord?

But the question is if he really condemns the Shillong Accord why he is mingling with the accordists and the NNC who are fighting against the very group who condemn the accord? If he is still in support of the accord as stated by him recently why he is trying fooling the people, his own people with all the pretension that he is fighting for sovereignty? As for Khaplang’s diehard followers like Moulatanu Zhimomi, Kitovi and others if they are concern only for the state of Nagaland not Nagalim why not stay quietly after the granting of 1963 statehood to Nagaland? But why indulge in collecting illegal tax and fight against the Naga national forces?

One more question to Khaplang group. You have turned yourself as foe to all civil societies. Now you have turn against GBs and DBs Association by refusing to abide by the resolution you have accepted earlier. What direction are you taking by going against all positive steps the Nagas initiated in the process of restoring peace in Nagalim?

This is no time to be arrogant but to face the reality by going along with the Naga People’s aspiration.

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