On Dr. Shishak’s confession

The confession of Dr. Rev. Tuisem Shishak on behalf of the Tangkhul people which appeared in a local daily on July 24 was appreciable by every one of Nagas. He dug out all sins and errors committed by Tangkhuls of IM-group. And it is necessary to admit ones own mistake and confess for the same as we all are Christians and follow the doctrine of Jesus Christ. However, such confession may also be meaningless if IM do not repent and give up wrong doing or committing sins. It will be meaningful for all Naga people if and when Th. Muivah declares to stop killing the Nagas and he relinquishes the NSCN once and for all. Because Th. Muivah set up the so-called NSCN and started to kill his own brothers since 1980 in the interest of federal relationship with India. And his fight against the Nagas is unabated till date. He shows no sign to admit his mistake and confess his sins; instead he says time and again that the Nagas should confess their sins.

No Tangkhul can deny that Tangkhuls joined the NNC/FGN after 1960 and thus Tangkhul also suffered with other Nagas in defense of Naga sovereignty. But after 20 years, in 1980 some Tangkhuls, under the leadership of Th. Muivah, defected from the NNC and started to fight against the Nagas. They killed thousand of innocent Nagas, committed torturing, threatening and money extortion so as to build their luxurious lives and made the Nagas suffer. Therefore, the Nagas’ suffering in the hands of IM Tangkhul’s treacherous leaders and its commanders in the past 27 years cannot be compared with the suffering of Tangkhuls in defense of Naga sovereignty in those days 1960s.

Indeed the NNC never treated Tangkhuls as non-Nagas and made them to suffer. The Naga armies were operating in and around Tangkhul region, so as to mobilize Tangkhul people are requested by Tangkhul leaders and commander like eno Z. Ramyo Tangkhul, Commander Lt. Col. Jacob Tangkhul etc. I was with Lt. Col. Jacob and toured many Tangkhul villages. But no Naga army killed innocent Tangkhuls or tortured them. Therefore, Rev. Tuisem Shishak’s statement “Innocent Tangkhuls also suffered in the hands of the old NNC” is silly mistake and an insult to his own people in particular and the Nagas in general.

What does he mean to say “Old NNC”? Does he think that the NNC has finished and substituted by the NSCN? If it is so, his confession would directly and indirectly attempt to invite all Nagas to join the so called NSCN (IM) forgiving the misdeed of IM Tangkhuls. In fact if and when IM Tangkhuls admit that mistake and ask forgiveness to the Nagas, the Nagas may consider forgiving them at reasonable time, but Rev Tuisem Shishak should know that the Nagas shall not perish together with the NSCN-IM.

Again what he says the Nagas had given mandate to the NSCN-IM is also a lie and misleading. The Nagas had given their mandate to the NNC through plebiscite in May 1951 as guardian and to speak for the nation. However Th. Muivah and his followers defected from the NNC and betrayed the mandate of the people. And yet in recent years he (Muivah) voiced a new mandate through a referendum which is not traditionally acceptable. For only one case (Indo-Naga conflict) the Nagas cannot give two, three mandate to different groups to represent the Nagas or say for the nation.

Gen. Lhipelo, Naga Army, FGN


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