Plea to VC, Nagaland University

Plea to VC, NU-

I am writing this letter to convey serious concern of Tenyimi Central Union issues regarding the appointment of teaching posts in the Department of Tenyidie.

It is reported that recently Nagaland University conducted interviews for selection of teachers to different departments. It is also reported that the application for the teaching posts in the Department of Tenyimi were screened by persons who had no knowledge in Tenyidie and that selection of candidates was also done by similar expertise.

As a very senior professor, you are aware that Tenyidie can be best taught by persons who could communicate in the language concern. This is also true of Tenyidie, appointment in Tenyidie Department, from all logic, should be given to persons who are well conversant with the language as well as proficient in Tenyidie, even as the Nagaland University’s Advertisement No. NUK/Essk/G-32/2005 dated 21-10-2005, specifically mentioned its requirement of the ‘desirable area of specialization’.

You are well aware that Tenyidie has been developed through the relentless effort of Ura Academy with a view to promote a common language among the Tenyimi people. Altogether there are nine fraternal communities viz- the Angamis, the Chakesang, the Pochurys, the Rengmas and the Zeliangrong Baudi in Nagaland state, the Memais (Maos), the Marams, the Poumais and Thangals in Manipur state and the Zeliangrongs, the Western Rengmas in Assam states who have adopted this language a common standard (official language).

While Tenyimi Central Union is happy to note that Nagaland University has created a separate department for the promotion of Tenyidie language, our attention is painfully drawn towards corruption, raising its ugly head in faculty appointed particularly in Tenyidie Department, and appointment of lecturer do not conform to the specified ‘desirable area of specialization’. To be précised, it is learnt that a scholar who has no degree in Tenyidie and who could neither speak nor write Tenyidie has been earmarked for appointment as lecturer to teach Tenyidie in Nagaland University. This is a very unhealthy trend and unacceptable and it should be done away with.

In view of the above facts, the TCU request your kind authority to ensure that the unjust scheme is rectified before it sees daylight and things go wrong.


Z.M. Sekhose, president,

Tenyimi Central Union,


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