Query to Transport Commissioner

Query to Transport Commissioner

On the subject cited above, we as con-cerned citizens of Nagaland would like to put up the following questions under the Right to Information Act from your esteemed department for the information of all the citizens of this land

1. Whether it is true that there are nearly 2000 (two thousand) vehicles in the state which are registered illegally in the offices of some DTOs in some districts without the production of the original documents?

2. Is it true that hundreds of such smuggled vehicles in our state are registered under the name of some of the state’s VVIPs?

3. Is it true that the department has not been able to detect or try to detect a single case of such smuggled vehicles with Nagaland state’s registration numbers during the past three years?

4. Is it true that the MV enforcement person-nel’s are not authorized to check/detain the vehicles with VIP lights?

5. Also kindly publish the actions taken upon the offenders of the following tall orders that were issued by the department not so long ago:

(1) Driving of official vehicles by under aged children of the officers to whom the vehicles were allotted.

(2) Hundreds of vehicles in Kohima and Dimapur driven by under aged drivers and without a driving license.

(3) Thousands of vehicles with darkened shaded glasses much beyond the permitted limit that are plying everyday in front of your very eyes

(4) The actual limit you have made for the issuance of Taxi permits for the Kohima and Dimapur route: and the actual permit you have issued as of now. Whether you have kept the numbers within the limit. If not what is the short fall or excess license issued till date

(6) Kindly furnish also the disciplinary action the department is going to initiate against the erring staffs of your department.

Sir, everybody knows that Transport Department is the only authorized department to regulate and enforce the Motor Vehicles Act in the state with all sincerity and commitment. You are expected to apply the law without any fear or favor to anyone. And those who are not competent to execute the laid down rules of the department should be declared as incompetent.

Therefore, we would like to know from your esteemed office the answers to the queries placed above at the earliest (as they must be well accounted in the record books of the department) so that the people of Nagaland can understand the purpose for what the Transport Department exists in the state.


Wati Ao, T. Sidung, Kevi,



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