Rejoinder on ‘plight of Akuluto/VK’-

Rejoinder on ‘plight of Akuluto/VK’-

The undersigned would like to publish this rejoinder against an article published on August 19, Plight of Akuluto/VK area. I would like to clarify the point mentioned in Sl. No 4 regarding the result of HSLC exam of GHS Akuluto, during my tenure as AHM/HM are as follows as it is mentioned as NIL.

Year Total/Appeared Total passed Pass/Percentage

2004 24 18 (3, in 2nd Div) 75%

2005 26 9 (3, in 2nd Div) 35%

2006 25 21 (5, in 2nd Div) 80.77%

2007 30 14 (4, in 2nd Div) 46.66%

It is therefore clarified that the word “Nil” does not arise it is further informed that, the writer, Inaho Kinny, near Government High School, Sunrise Colony, Akuluto does not exist in the Akuluto/VK area. I also request the writer of any article to write the name of actual person who publish any article in future with the sense clear conscience of official records etc.

Hukato Sema,

HM (Officiating)

GHS, Akuluto


This is in response to News Item “Is there anyone to bill out Akuluto/V.K. Area?” on August 15 and Plight of Akuluto/V.K. Area Public on August 19 in local dailies, where the writer had used a fictitious name to malice the name of Minister, Forest and IPR, Kheto, as it can be clearly made out from the address given by him where it was written as “Inaho Kinny, Graduate (Arts) Akuluto : Nagaland”. Therefore there is no such ‘Inaho Kinny” in any colony at Akuluto Town.

31 A/C consists of two blocks, namely Akuluto and V.K. Town. And equality and justice has been delivered to both the blocks in the field of development by Minister for Forest and IPR, Kheto. So there is no point of raising questions about the development activities, as it can be shown serially:-

1. Akuluto-V.K. road which was constructed under PMGSY in 2001-2002 soling and metelling was done and now DPR has been submitted to the department for black topping. Construction of road from Izheto-Zaphumi was the needful to the area people; therefore the road was constructed under TFC.

2. To give equal development and justice, PMGSY road fund was allotted from V.K. Town-Littami Old/New. Whereas the construction of Mapulumi-Lotisami road, DPR has been prepared and submitted to the department so that it can be taken up in the next phase.

3. Failure to inaugurate the already constructed Public Health Centre at V.K. Town does not arise, as it has to tie-up with the convenience of the Health and Family Welfare department.

4. As far as the matric result is concern, Government High School Akuluto is doing well, if needed, go to NBSE for record.

5. The issue of shifting of SBI and SDO (C) office from Akuluto to Jumami was deliberately discussed in the public meeting way back in 2006, where there was no relevant documentary proof of charge Kheto, Minister Forest and IPR and thus it has become death wood issue.

6. It is to mention clearly that any candidate desires to be a gazetted officer have to be “Qualified” through NPSC and there is no direct political appointment to the post of gazetted officer.


Khekiye V. Sumi,

personal secretary,


Forest & IPR,Nagaland.


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