Rejoinder on the voice of Rev. T. Shishak

Rejoinder on the voice of Rev. T. Shishak


All may not agree to the voice of Rev. T. Shishak, but all will agree that Nagaland is on the sick bed and needs healing; the sooner the better. Towards this end, confession by an individual tribe of faction is in the right direction; the first step to humility. We Nagas who believe in Christ must first humble ourselves and confess our sins before the most high God and only then we can expect the healing touch of God and peace and prosperity will be restored to our land. Peace will not come by the ways of this world, but real peace will come only through Jesus Christ our Lord. Nobody can enjoy in an unreal peace.

At present Nagas are passing through a period similar to that of early Jewish nation, who claimed Abraham, Issac and Jacob to be their ancestors, but were without their blessings of peace and prosperity, because of their disobedience to the commandment and statutes of God. Nagas were at one time united in our national struggle against our common enemy, but the moment “I am right” entered into the movement, cracks begin to appear. This was cleverly taken advantaged of by the enemy and the tiny cracks developed pursuit of pride and selfishness only strengthen such divide and finally led to the division of the underground national workers into various factors. The irony of the matter is that the Nagas struggle is now reduced to struggle by well-meaning civil societies to restore the oneness among the national workers and restore the unity required to face the common enemy

While reviewed the facts about the division among the Nagas, the main cause and its effect for wider division and started killing among us was found that the Naga church leaders failed to speak out the truth in time (they failed to resist the devil) and many NGOs have failed to stand in their positions. And for which together failures, now the Nagas are living under the shadow of death

In this struggle not only Rev. T. Shishak or his likes, but all the local churches and its members/NGOs must confess our failures to abide by the commandment and statutes of God and seek for forgiveness. Every Naga worth his faith must humble himself or herself and look to the most high God to heal our land and not look to other Gods. Let us stop casting blames and instead love our brothers/neighbors as ourselves, for God will fight our war ad victory will be ours.


God bless Nagaland

T. L Angami.


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