Rejoinder to Jamir

Rejoinder to Jamir

In the nature of the Indo-Naga Peace process that is precariously placed on tenterhooks any move from any quarter that has the potential to cause symptomatic infection in the political settlement of the Naga issue will have to be taken care of in the manner warranted by the situation. In the 63 years of Naga struggle, the Naga people who really matters in bearing the cross of the Naga freedom struggle have tasted enough of Jamir’s perilous policy that is not in keeping with Naga’s political aspiration. For the interest of unifying the national psyche of the Nagas at this crucial stage of political process digging deeper into the unbecoming political misadventure of Jamir is best avoided. But there is no denying of the fact that Jamir’s too many policies are in contravention of Naga’s political desire.

A political personality of Jamir’s standing could have been an asset for the Nagas. But he went astray too early in his political carreer as amply demonstrated by his strong opposition to the then Indian Prime Minister Nehru who expressed his desire to invalidate the 16 Point Agreement of 1960, who have realized the blunder the Government of India has committed. There is no doubt that the air of the controversial `Bedrock of Naga Society’ has long vanished, but after the damage has been done.

It makes very little political sense for Jamir to speak on `Sovereignty’ at a time when the Naga negotiators under the banner of NSCN is taking every care not to dilute the meaning of sovereignty while defending Naga’s political and economic interests. No attempt should be made to create confusion and to leave room for undermining the Naga’s cause. No two meaning of sovereignty should be made to appear at this critical period of reckoning.

The political credentials of any person have to be scrutinized from close angle if he will fit into the scheme of political mediator between the Government of India and NSCN. In this scale, jamir’s standing in the eye of NSCN will prevail and not the Government of India’s way of rating Jamir’s credentials. Ironically, Jamir’s temprrament at taking potshot against NSCN has not been taken in lighter vein by the NSCN.



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