Rejoinder to RM Lotha

Rejoinder to RM Lotha

My joining the NSCN might have exasperated or dazed your mind, but I am not that mute and not a chary in my taking the right decision in serving the Nagas then be served.

It is self demeaning to reveal the mind set of any organization to defame any individual who had left them after realizing the futility of being part of it. I believe that no dedicated individual would join the national movement for petty Indian political elections or other financial benefits like most people in Khaplang group.

R.M. Lotha, the so called kilonser should understand that any act of commission or omission in a government whether it is serving justice or collection of tax is done within the purview of the laid down rules and regulation and sanction of the higher authorities.

It is interesting to note that the Khaplang group has adopted a new tactics in demoting a person after that individual has left them to join the mainstream. This I believe has been involved to save guard the ballooned ego.

Thus, do not make me to enunciate your dramatic utterance in your so called make up Naga political or comical view or concept about Naga politics.

Joseph Lotha,

Issued through MIP,



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