Strongly condemning the news item that ap-peared on Monday July 23 in 3rd page of a local daily under the caption ‘NSCN (K) ex-secretary condemns’ but the so called self styled ex-secretary Lotha region it’s all baseless and unjust trying to safe his own skin.

It is, but there is not even a single dot of his name and work written in government style, unauthorized, unnamed, unregistered self style ex-region secretary, “He was”.

Let’s see the consequences wrong work done by the so called ex-secretary. Firstly, he was a money seeker for his own self, only to feed and wonder for his infant child and family, not for the sake of government.

So, how can such a selfish person dictate the government misdoing the untruly activities and declaring himself as functionary and knows the political reason of the government. It is really sad and shameful to learn that the so called ex-secretary was in operation for long many months when the government wrote an article in his name. What operation? Where? And how?

The government did wonders and initiated to do a work for such a selfish person, where there is lot of work to be done, for the betterment of the nation.

Counting all this, we come to know that ‘you are the traitor’ only to fool the peace loving Naga people in general and Lotha’s in particular.

Dear brothers, let’s open our eyes and observe it that one day or the other day such a person will join into another faction after fooling the people. Aware it!


Lt. C. Senchithung Kikon

Ex-PRO, Lotha region, GPRN NSCN (K)


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