Responding to Joseph & Chichamo’s write-ups

Responding to Joseph & Chichamo’s write-ups

It is quite natural that thieves and murderers are always outspoken. But the truth always prevails. Joseph Patton and Chichamo Tsanglao should not be so smart. They should be ashamed to keep in mind that the ink of their enrolments in the GPRN/NSCN has not yet dried up. How can they shamelessly condemn the NSCN and the leaders of the organization? If they had had in mind that NSCN is bad, they should not have joined it and betrayed their once fellow workers.

I am the senior most Naga Army (PAN) officer from Lotha Tribe. But, I was also not informed the impending elimination of Lieut Mhabemo Ngullie, under baseless accusations, not to talk of informing the higher authorities. Whether wrong or right, Joseph and Chichamo, novices in the NSCN have had practically no authority to eliminate any army officer.

Since, the Keeya (Defence) Ministry is in the hands of the NSCN leadership and by democratic convention, President is the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces. That was why the Government was obliged to issue summons to both of you to present physically before the council to explain the circumstances under which Lt. Mhabemo was eliminated (murdered). But, because of you guilty conscience, you fled to the terrorists’ camp with the government’s money and arms and ammunition. As such, the murder case in respect of Late. Mhabemo will remain your individual case between you and the families of the martyr and the GPRN.

Moreover, a time will certainly come when you will be asked to pay to the GPRN the money you had stolen and the arm and ammunitions you had stolen away to the terrorists’ camp. Writing thousand articles in the newspaper will never absolve from the charges.

Maj. Opon Lotha,

On behalf of the Lotha Region, GPRN/ NSCN-K.


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