Shameless identity theft

One friend in Nagalim who is a messenger of just peace and advocate of harmonious relationship among the Naga people…

…kindly emailed me the funny article “In and Outs of PNSD” today. I was happy to know that he said the truth when he mentioned that “there are many who write under fictitious Naga names and fool the people. So many of them. Newspapers are doing a great deal of injustice by publishing them”. Indeed, I could identify the non-Naga author who has abused a misspelled-name belonging to the Sumi community. I have forwarded that article to the PNSD. What made me interested is not the despair-filled article but the shameful identity theft he committed.

The Indian intelligence agencies and their agents unethically love Naga names in their propaganda war against the Nagas in order to make it appear to the world and the Nagas themselves that the Naga Nation is a hopelessly divided house. The main theme is to destroy the spirit of self-determination that dwells in the hearts and souls of the Nagas, and make them meekly accept that their only happiness lies in the status quo under the Indian occupation. Though it will be of no value to the Indian agents who do not give a damn about morality and ethics, some will do well in knowing J Parker’s advise: “Never throw mud. You may miss your mark, but you will have dirty hands”.

Yesterday we were in Plymouth, the city from where the Pilgrim Fathers started their journey to America centuries ago. We were there to brief our English friends about the latest status of the Indo-Naga political talks and the support we Nagas are getting from certain British parliamentarians and our relationship with the PNSD. One of the gentlemen we met informed us that, not knowing his interest in the welfare of the suffering Naga people, during his visit to the Southeast Himalayan region the Indian Army proudly showed him the array of computers and other sophisticated gadgets being used by it as essential components of the psychological warfare being waged there in order to completely subjugate its peoples and nations which colonial India has successfully isolated from the attention of the world and where she can do whatever she likes with total impunity. This highly experienced and smart Naga supporter is advising the citizens of Nagalim to be very careful of the dirty games being played by India and remain extremely alert all the time.

As the strongest group which enjoys the biggest mandate of the Nagas and hence the main target of the Indian propaganda war, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim ought to be taking this media onslaught of the cunning Indian intelligence services seriously. Its Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) in particular should be very active all the time and even more so during this ceasefire and negotiation period. Here the MIP will do well in remembering what Charles C Colton said: “Silence is foolish if we are wise, but wise if we are foolish”. For the sake of our beloved Naga Nation, I wish that the MIP is wise and more active. Realizing fast the gravity of the state of affairs, the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim should give maximum patronage to the MIP in terms of budget, brain power, and prayer support. And if I am to humbly suggest as its former member, as one of its priorities, the MIP ought to be advising the newspapers in Nagalim to kindly educate the people with Christian principle of true reporting and publishing authentic articles.

But most importantly, because of the war-zone situations prevailing in Nagalim and the hyper-active endeavours of the Indian intelligence agencies along with their collaborators and in order to maintain democratic norms of clean ex-pressions of opinions and credible debates, it is important that newspapers in Nagalim publish articles and letters only after proper attestations of names, surnames, and addresses.

Lastly, it is proposed that each Naga community makes sure that no one falsely uses a name which belongs to it.


Professor Timothy Kaping,
President, Naga Support Group (UK)
30 July 2007


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