Solution for peace

Solution for peace

I would like to publish few lines of my opinion to share with the Nagas through news paper that how to stop killing and how to bring peace in Nagaland.

That all agreed that the underground factions must stop fighting with each other and that the effort of the GB and DB forum is not incorrect. Also it must be understood that such division among God’s people is the direct result of disobedience to God’s own commandment and statutes.

Jesus came into this world to give us peace but we who profess to be His believers do not have this peace. It is one thing to say we want peace-but quite another matter to know where to find peace. If we do not believe that Jesus came to give us peace, should we believe some other God (God forbid). Or could this be the very reason why Nagas are divided? The word of God clearly tells us that we cannot worship God and Mammon together. If we believe in Jesus, we must also believe what He said and be at peace with each other in Christ Jesus. Because we do not (except by lip) thereof we are fighting among ourselves.

The every first divide the Naga nation into underground and overground. This was followed by dividing the underground into various factions. The overgrounds by then were so divided among themselves due to Pride and Selfishness that they failed to unitedly ask the underground to unite. First let us remove the speck from our eyes and then let us point out the speck in other’s eyes.

Unfortunately the GB and DB forum belong to the overground factions, and it is therefore literally impossible to preach ceasefire to the underground factions. I am not saying we should not ask them to be united. In fact the national workers must unite if they are to have any chance of defeating their enemy. Every kingdom divided against is brought to dissolution and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

The national workers are not Beelzebub but the same principle applies.

Therefore the GB and DB must first establish united understanding within themselves and with all the overground factions before presenting a united appeal to the underground factions to unite. Merely shouting beautiful slogans and declaring cease-fire between the fighting brothers for fear of losing one’s job would be as meaningless as it was and will always be.

Instead of shouting “Shed no more blood”, let us all shed pride and selfishness and humble ourselves and turn to God-he will forgive our sins and heal our land. Then and only then, there will be no more ground to shed blood and the peace that surpasses our understanding will rule our land. All other grounds are sinking sand.

May the God lord give wisdom and guidance to the GB and DB forum to teach the high and mighty that God is the most high.


T. L Angami,

Founder and advisor

Nagaland Village Chief/GB Federation


Naga Customary law,

Dimapur, Nagaland


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