SSA in the hill districts

SSA in the hill districts

The bold Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) time bound multi crore rupees program implementation in the states to impart basic knowledge of education to every citizen of India with additional infrastructure and incentives in the primary level schools are being taken up. The SSA implementation in the primary schools under the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) in the hill districts of Manipur has been encroached by the Director of Education (Schools) DE(S) Manipur.

Are these dubious stereotypes of functioning being done in nexus with the Government of Manipur (GoM)? Whatever the case, the ADCs and the hill people condemn in the strongest terms these unholy affairs. There is a clear cut provision that the primary schools will be run and managed by the ADC administration in the hill districts of Manipur.

How long Manipur will be pre-occupied with the accusation that the rights of the hill folks are being robed, curtailed and twisted and then the government goes on for damaged control exercise and retract its steps later. Can one point out and instant where the hill districts are given its deserved shares as per the law of the land without any fuss.

The ADCs in the hill regions were formulated to neutralize the demand of Naga Integration by the Naga Integration Committee in the 1970s. But it miserably failed to pacify the tribal without the expected autonomy provisions of the ADCs of Assam and Tripura states. To vent these ill feelings, the tribal of Manipur had objected holding of the District Council Elections for the last 20 years, which benefit neither the ADCs nor the Manipur administration. On the contrary, it has widened the gap of differences and sour relationship. The upcoming generation will refer this period as a period of patience.

It is the most opportune time that the GoM come to term in line of the Sarkaria Commission of the decentralization of administration to the lowest Panchayat level which, in the hill regions is the ADCs.

The SSA implementation in the ADC administration schools by the DE(S) had undermined and humiliated the tribal and will have far reaching effects. The multiple of works include 1) Construction of school buildings, 2) Extension of school rooms, 3) Construction of water tanks, 4) Construction of kitchens, 5) Electrification of schools, 6) Construction of toilets, 7) Teachers grants, 8) Payment of rupee one per student, 9) 20-30 days SSA training to the teachers and other projects are implemented by the DE(S) Manipur.

But to top it all, the copies of the orders are not even given to the ADC administrations and the ADC administration surprisingly came across that their teachers are being absent in the schools as they are undergoing SSA training without their knowledge. Then, infrastructure pops up in the schools as from nowhere. In other words, there are two sets of parallel authorities in the primary school administration lately in the hill districts.

The tribal are apprehensive that this complete de-linking is to restraint access to SSA work programs. This being so Akash bills (forged bills) of lakhs and crores of rupees will go into the pockets of the DE(S) Manipur officials and people who are behind them.

The ADCs are paralyzed for absent of elected chairmen. It is the bounden duty of the tribal MLAs and ministers to rise above political colors and personal interest and take up this common issue and other hurdles for the sake of their people.

His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur, in exercising his authority as constitutional head of the state hoped, will boldly sought the legal aspect of the SSA implementation controversy and strengthened the rights of the down trodden tribal in the human point of view.

Everyone say why bandhs after bandhs are prevalent in Manipur. May be bandhs are justified, as genuine matters and issues which should have been settled at the right time are being indecisive or the people at the helms needs the will to inflict pains to a section of people or to themselves for the greater interest of the state.

Patrick A. Kolakhe,

Ex – gen.secy,

Memei Hoho

Tadubi, Senapati District


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