Transparency Seekers plea to Governor

Transparency Seekers plea to Governor

With due respect, the Transparency Seekers would like to bring to your esteem knowledge the arbitrary actions of the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) in its Nagaland Civil Service (NCS) and Allied Service Preliminary Examination, 2007 and thereof immediate intervention and necessary action.

Your Excellency, the Transparency Seekers is a group of candidates of NCS and Allied Service Preliminary Examination 2007 conducted by the NPSC and seeking for justice and fairness in good spirit of competitive examination.

In the NCS and Allied Service Preliminary Examination, 2007, there were 200 questions carrying two marks each, making 400 marks in total. The cut-off mark declared by the NPSC is set at 208 marks (ie, 104 questions) for general category. However, the cut-off mark for backward category (ie, tribe wise) has not been declared.

Your Excellency, we have found many discrepancies in the questions of NCS and Allied Services Preliminary Examination 2007 and for which we have moved the Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench for releasing the Model Answer Paper (MAP). The honourable court by its order dated June 28 2007 directed the NPSC to furnish the same (Enclosure-I) within seven days time. The MAP was obtained by us from the NPSC on July 5, 2007 (Enclosure-II).

The correct answers defected to be wrong in the MAP as furnished by the NPSC, we represent to the secretary, NPSC through our letter dated July 6, 2007 and July 12, 2007 (Enclosure-III & IV) pointing out fifteen anomalies and clarification of the same. However, to our dismay, the NPSC replied the same and published in a local daily, dated July 14, 2007. In the publication, the NPSC replied with “regretted” three questions and “no anomalies” for the rest. We were dissatisfied with the simplicity of the reply without any proper clarification and sources it referred from. Therefore, we again represented to the NPSC through our letter dated July 16, 2007 to justify with reasonable answer based on authentic and reliable sources (Enclosure-V).

The NPSC replied in the local dailies dated July 20, 2007 with some answers and sources it referred from. However, we discovered that most of the NPSC sources are from secondary information meant for market consumption and in addition, the facts given were incomplete in many respects. For the same, we delegate our representative to the Commission to have an amicable solution. However, the commission refused to entertain any matter further, basing that the honourable Gauhati High Court is silent beyond its direction to furnish the MAP.

We took the matter to out apex students’ organization, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF). With their intervention, the NPSC on July 30 2007, had acknowledged thirteen questions carrying 26 marks, pointed out by the Transparency Seekers in the MAP. By the resolution dated 30 July, 2007 (Enclosure-VI), the NPSC and the NSF agreed to go for re-assessment of those unselected candidates, who have scored within the margin of 182 to 206 marks, basing only on the thirteen correct answers.

Without giving any regard to our demand for re-evaluation and re-direction of preliminary examination result, the NPSC and the NSF resolved to execute the process of re-assessment. As such, we represent again to the NPSC through our letter dated August 1, 2007 (Enclosure-VII) stating our firm stand on re-evaluation and re-declaration for those candidates scoring within the range of 182 and 232 marks (ie, 26 marks from the cut-off mark set at 208 marks by the NPSC) so that justice is not denied but served on fair ground in the spirit of competition.

Your Excellency, we need your immediate intervention into the arbitrary functions of the NPSC on the following grounds:

1. The thirteen answers acknowledged by the NPSC shows gross negligence and incompetence on the part of the NPSC.

2. The Commission has committed serious error for the reason that in competitive exam even one mark determines the fate of the candidates. The actuality here is a question of 26 marks and which cannot be overlooked in the highest examination of the state.

3. The re-evaluation of only the unselected candidates within the margin of 182 to 206 marks basing on the correct answer as per the resolution on July 30 2007 by the NPSC do not serve the purpose of fairness in the competitive examination.

4. The NPSC failed to consider the demand of the Transparency Seekers for re-evaluation and re-direction of the candidates scoring within the margin of 182 to 232 marks (ie. 26 marks from the cut-off mark). For the reason, that all candidates must be treated with equal footing in the process of selection and such that only the meritorious must be allowed to seat for the Main examination.

5. The NPSC Resolution dated July 30 2007 is perverse and against all ethics of competition.

We request Your Excellency to kindly intervene into the arbitrary function of the NPSC to put an end to justice and unfairness at the earliest so as to avoid any initiation of legal measures. And for this act of kindness, the Transparency Seekers shall remain ever grateful to you.


Transparency Seekers.


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