Views on the truce pact

Since last year (2006), the GPRN/NSCN leaders knew full well that the IK leaders were frantically searching some one or somebody, after the nullification of the May 2006 cease fire agreement at Zunheboto, to broker peace between the Naga factions. This they began to think and work after striking at stone-wall in their talks with the Government of India. At last, the IK leadership found the Nagaland GB’s federation to entrust to do the Herculean task. The GB’s in turn involved the DB’s in their mission.

The leaders of the GB’s and DB’s brought five point resolutions, they adopted in a general meeting of GB’s and DB’s on June 6′ 2007 at the State Academy Hall Kohima and met the leaders of the NSCN on June 26′ 2007. After thorough discussions, we assured the GB’s and DB’s that we are accepting the resolutions in “Principle”. But on their second coming to Mon on July 11′ 2007, they met us with a separate draft paper signed by Samson Jajo, principal secretary and some of the leaders of the joint forum of GB’s and DB’s. We were surprised to see the new document and rejected it in toto. However, for the sake of peace, we issued a written acceptance of the first 5 point resolutions to them cautioning them to be very careful in handing the matters.

From that point of time, the GPRN/NSCN leaders began to doubt the integrity and sincerity of the leaders of GB’s and DB’s. The GB’s and DB’s are not NGO’s, they are state government agents and servants. Knowing fully well, the positions of the groups, the GPRN/NSCN leaders however, made commitment to them in the interest of peace. And we hoped the leaders of the GB’s and DB’s would maintain utmost sincerity and integrity in their dealings.

On July 24′ 2007, we could not attend the meeting convened by the joint forum of the GB’s and DB’s, because it was only announced through newspaper which we could not trust fully. It is a life and death issue, so if at all necessary, we should be issued formal written invitation letters. Another point of serious consideration was that it was initiated by the GB’s and DB’s of Nagaland, so why Naga Hoho, NSF, NMA, NPMHR etc were invited? And why Nagaland state government bureaucrats and ceasefire monitoring chairman could be invited? How, the meeting could be convened at the DC’s office? Would not people think that it is going to be another Naga People’s Convention (NPC) of 1957, which brought the 16 Point Agreement? Now, some people are talking very seriously about the armed encounter in the early morning of July 25′ 2007 at Phek town between some Naga army personnel and the IK terrorists. The terrorists are in the habit of committing crimes and denying them. They first fired upon the Naga army to FGN who retaliated wildly. But now, they are accusing the FGN and NSCN with their usual blatant lies and trickery in order to gain cheap support to this matter. The meeting declared the ceasefire, it was said, between the factions in the evening of July 24′ 2007. Then who were the leaders of the NSCN and NNC attended the meeting? Who among the leaders of the GB’s and the DB’s went at night to Phek and officially told all the warring factions stationed at Phek? Or what kind of official paper was prepared by the meeting about the declaration of the ceasefire and handed over to the factions stationed at Phek town?

We repeat, it was a life and death game and that nothing should be taken so lightly. Everything should be formal, official and in written. Likewise, the ceasefire declaration of July 24′ 2007 should be formally pun in black and white and the copies should be provided to every faction and obtain acknowledgement receipts from them. Then it will become official.

Regarding the IK groups consultation meeting of the July 27′ 2007 at Hebron to be polite, it is a ploy to display that Naga people are with them. It is an instrument to use as bargaining measure during their next round of talk on July 30 and 31′ 2007 in Nagaland with the Indian representatives for the extension of the ceasefire period with GOI. Every Naga has understood that the IK leadership had already agreed with the GOI that the solution is to be within the framework of the Indian Constitution which had been already obtained by the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) in 1963. Then, what more consultation do they want? Naga people should not be so weak to be befooled through the useless gimmick of IK.

Concerning the recent various press write u of IK terrorist, we want to make it clear to the Nagas and the people’s all around that in the past we had written press statements under the captions “IK terrorists, the authors of lies” “Fangs of lies” etc. The IK group is actually father of lies. That is why we don’t want to belittle ourselves by refuting and responding to such lying spirits. Therefore, we have stopped writing against the concocted and falsely conjectured write ups of the terrorists since sometime back. Very often, we come across cases of defections in the news paper. We are not worried about the defections from our side. Rather we are relieved of the troubles and anxieties created by those irresponsible persons in the organization. We are thankful to IK group for gladly accepting those persons.

Lastly, our fathers and elders had already pledged for sovereignty independent Nagaland in unity and because of which thousands of Nagas had been killed, orphaned, maimed and widowed. Therefore, no Naga should think of going back under any pretext and anyone doing so will be at his or her own risks. Come what may and take how long, we will march forward in the name of the Almighty till Nagas fully achieved their goal. Kuknalim

Secretary, MIP, GPRN/NSCN-K


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