Views on the truce pact

Views on the truce pact

The Consultative Meeting convened by the NSCN (IM) at Camp Hebron was just another ploy to use the Naga NGOs as shields against the evil designs being concocted by IK gang. How many Consultative Meetings will the IK group have and how long will the group use the lip services of self-proclaimed Naga NGO leaders towards achieving its sole intention to sell-off Nagas’ rights.

The NSCN acknowledges the role of NGOs towards achieving the objectives of the Naga political movement. However, a handful of the so-called NGO leaders and non Nagas from Manipur cannot represent and speak on behalf of the Naga masses. These so-called leaders funded and fed by the IK group to be part of their mischief, will surely succumb to the game being played by Muivah’s gang this time too. Manipur too is facing so many problems, so why is Thuingaleng Muivah concentrating on interfering in the Naga issue rather than concentrating on the problems at his home turf. Knowing that the talks with the GOI is hanging in the balance with the GOI representatives asking the NSCN(IM) for concrete evidence of “Naga Unity, Solidarity and Oneness,” the IK gang is resorting to pressure tactics to win the confidence of these so-called NGO leaders to suit their plans this time too.

On many occasions, Naga intellectuals are called in to seek their opinions on the Naga issue. But speeches are interrupted in between when the Naga leaders often tend to speak in favour of unity and reconciliation among the Nagas. Few leaders are given time to speak and abruptly Muivah stands up to thank the congregation saying that consensus among the Nagas have been arrived at and the Consultative Meet is over. Likewise, the same Consultative Meet ended in favour of the vested interest of the IK gang rather than substantive issues.

NGO leaders should understand that complimentary overtures showered on them by the IK gang should not overshadow the Nagas’ right for self-determination. The Naga issue should top the agenda of any NGO and not a single faction alone. Like any other outcome of the Consultative Meets, the July 27 deliberations will suit no other faction than the NSCN (IM) to suit the designs of the NSCN (IM)-GOI pact. Which NGO leader will deny the fact that their representations at various levels of talks, at Bangkok, Amsterdam or for that matter, New Delhi was sponsored by the NSCN (IM)? As a living witness to the transactions, the NGOs should not be duty-bound to these sponsorships but rather propagate the sense of unity and reconciliation among the Naga masses.

Nagas have the right for self-determination and political agendas cannot be settled by NSCN (IM) alone and the NGOs should be well aware of this propaganda. The GOI representatives should be well aware that NSCN (IM) alone does not and will never represent the wishes and aspirations of the entire Naga populace but the issue is far beyond the proportion that Nagas aspire. The real issue is of sovereignty and nothing else. Nagas are known throughout as a friendly, amiable, hospitable and peace-loving people and the NGOs should revive the age-old tradition of the Nagas rather than selling-off the issue for monetary gains.

Akato Chophi,

Deputy Kilonser Defence, NSCN-K



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