How A Non-Naga Views Naga Problem -Part II

How A Non-Naga Views Naga Problem -Part II
By: Jagdamba Mall

If someone is allotted a road repair works, he simply siphons away the whole money without doing the job.

But he invests same money in bringing luxury goods from outside state. Thus, the money coming from Delhi reaches back to Delhi via Guwahati and Calcutta because there is no enterprise in Nagaland to retain that money.

When Loknath Mishra was Governor of Nagaland, hundreds of trucks laden with rich and other food materials reached upto interiors of each district of Nagaland because of his initiatives.

But during the rule of so called elected leaders, nothing comes out from FCI go-downs. Where does all the riches and food commodities go?

If Nagas feel that Nagaland is their state why are they so lethargic and averse to develop their state? They are not seen worried for the future of Nagaland.

The moment Delhi stops payment from Consolidated Fund of India which is Indian tax-payers money, Nagas will starve.

This is the real picture of Nagaland. Still they boast. Because of the lack of Nagaism and emotional attachment to the land of Nagas i.e. Nagaland, this
time also, nothing will come out.

This time also, the dialogues will fail. It is bound to fail. I say Nagas lack foresight. Because of this, they are still suffering.

They do not know how to obey their own
leaders. If SC Jamir says something,his rivals start vehemently criticising and condemning immediately without giving a serious thought to benefits of common Naga public.

This has lowered the prestige of Nagas in the country.

Government of India has made it very clear that sovereignty of the nation is not negotiable. After June 14, 2001 social upheaval in Manipur, the formation of Greater Nagaland also appears to be a distant dream.

Because Delhi does not want Manipur in flames. Then what is the course left out? Involve all sections of people, Nagas and non-Nagas, living in Nagaland.

Also invite concerned citizens of adjoining states since they are also affected, sit together and find out a consensus solution.

Manipur has accepted two Tangkhul chief ministers Reishang Keishing and Yangmangsho Shaiza. Meiteis can be convinced to accept Muivah as their chief minister if so agreed upon. Issak can be given berth either in Delhi or in Kohima. Khaplang can also be suitably accommodated.

Simultaneously, leaders and cadres of all the respective factions are properly rehabilitated. There are nearly 300 Naga Villages in Myanmar which are virtually unadministered.

Naga leaders can make a formal request to Vajpayee government for doing the needful to talk to Myanmar and merge Naga inhabited areas in Nagaland state of India.

There are Naga leaders who talk of more autonomy to Nagaland but Article 371 (A) guarantees maximum autonomy par-excellence special category which no other state enjoys.

What more can be given? A Naga can become Prime Minister and President of India. Justice HK Sema is now a judge in Supreme Court, New Delhi and Justice Shishak is the Chief Justice of
Chattisgarh High Court.

There is no racial discrimination as is there is America and Britain. India belongs to Nagas and Nagas belong to India.

Think of Vajpayee and his colleagues. If he is inclined to grant more autonomy to Nagaland, he is answerable to nation which would rise against him and his government.

Autonomy is not an apple in his hand. The nation is crying for war against Pakistan because the country would not
afford to part away even an inch of her land.

It is Vajpayee who is holding back the war whereas he has been empowered to attack the enemy country.

In the context of Nagaland the nation can go to any extent in building up Naga society to have their own economic development at par with other developed states but will never compromise with the sovereignty of the country.

And in extreme situation, the country will not hesitate even to wage a war on eastern front too to keep the sovereignty of nation intact.

This is the character and commitment of Vajpayee government Nagas should understand while negotiating with government of India for lasting solution to the vexed Naga problem.

In this situation, how Vajpayee can agree to autonomy proposal for Nagaland.

Therefore, Naga leaders are required to sit together and find out a lasting solution.

The Naga problem is your creation and only you-the Naga leaders can find out a way out. For this purpose, what is required is the reciprocal humanitarian approach from both the sides.

It should not be one sided only. The people in rest part of the country are ready to share your grievances. Now also, they are doing for you.

In future too, they will continue to do so. But you, the Nagas are required to display your solidarity with the country not in words but in action.

Once it is done, you will witness a tremendous change in Nagaland. The whole scenario will be transformed to the happiness and pleasure of Naga society as a whole.

(The article was published in a two part series in the paper edition of ‘The Imphal Free Press’. The article is reproduced here with due permission from Imphal Free Press)
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