Statement of Mr. Th. Muivah, General Secretary, NSCN

Statement of Mr. Th. Muivah, General Secretary, NSCN

Oking, August 21 2002

As insincerity of India in dealing with the Indo-Naga negotiation process is mounting despise concern expressed oft-times against it, we are left with no option anymore than exposing the facts, so that peoples may know the unwholesome policy being practised. We gave our proposal about a year ago.

Since then we have been waiting for their response. But even now we haven?t received in writing their reaction except the joint communiqu頯f the 11th July 2002, Amsterdam. But, to our utter
astonishment, we have come to know a proposal under the heading, ?proposed basis for discussion to achieve a comprehensive solution to the Naga issue? worked out by the Indian Home Ministry stealthily in collusion with Mr. Jamir extracting some items in distorted forms from our proposal. Mr.
Jamir got the proposal paper istributed to his cabinet on the 6th august 2002.

He is now working heart and soul to capitalise on it: to deceive the innocent Nagas public for votes for the coming puppet election; to undermine the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim; to hijack the issue to cause more bloodshed among Nagas. And his faithful cabinet and members are busy reaching out to the people with the ?paper?.

However,Mr. Jamir and colleagues should know that it is not the proposal of the
NSCN. No, not at all! It is the corporate dishonest attempt of the Home
Ministry of India and Mr. Jamir. It is intended to dilute the unique importance of the Indo-Naga issue and create confusion so that they are
able to fish in the troubled waters.

Is it proper for the Indian leaders
to handle the issue that way when Nagas are earnestly out for a solution? It is unscrupulous. We are sorry to come to know that they have gone reckless way.

Now how can one say that Indians are serious with the negotiation process? It is high time they realised the danger inherent in such an over-clever policy.

They are expected to make the best of the opportunity in hand and make themselves fit for and get the job done.

The Government of India have also totally backed out from their commitment ?we will deal with Khaplang?s group and keep them contained?.

But at no stage of time have they ever done that till today. To the contrary, Khaplang?s boys have been at large used by the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) of the Indian intelligent department and the paramilitary forces with Mr. Jamir calling the shots from behind actively attacking and killing others to sabotage the peace process. Serious questions have arisen: Where is the seriousness of the Government of India? Where is their preparedness? Where is their respect for their own commitments?

Where is their integrity? Who will solve all these problems? The sooner
the better for the Government of India to redress them. It wouldn?t be wise to wait for the worst to come.

N.B. This statement is reproduced here with consent from


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