Getting White-collar Job in Competitive India

Getting White-collar Job in Competitive India

Is that easy today to get a white-collar job in today’s competitive world? Today we may need to know something more than just dreaming to get a white-collar job. In antique if you passed Class I or II – you can become a teacher in Primary School. If you are a graduate – you can become a Head of the institution or get a white-collar job without much sweat and brain. In India till late 1980s, specialization in any field or subject was not the main criteria to get a white-collar job. But after 1990s, the job situation in India had gradually changed. Today, just getting a degree cannot help you to get a white-collar job. In this corrupted society – we also need some important attributes to get a white-collar job

.1. Specialization in the subject: Today in every government and private company – specialization in the subject/field became one of the most important criteria to get any job. Today without specialized in any subject or field – there is not any chances to get a white-collar job. Here specialization does not mean taking up a major subject without proper knowledge in that particular subject but to be expert in that particular subject. Today in India, there are many MBBS, MBA, Engineering students, IAS aspirants and many other students in different professional and non-professional courses. Today just passing MBA, MBBS, Engineering or getting Doctorate degree is nothing to do or difficult to get any white-collar job without specialization or expert in their own fields or subjects.

2. Good Personality: In addition to specialization in any particular subject – the personality of a person became another important criterion to get a white-collar job. In every interview for new job seekers – the knowledge of that particular subject is screened and personality of that person is examined. We may have good knowledge in our particular subject but there are also many other candidates who have same knowledge. A pleasant personality with good knowledge in that particular subject is desirable. There are too many candidates who are eligible with good knowledge and pleasant personality. Today a good personality is a must and we need to learn to have good personality for getting a white-collar job.

3. Money Power: You are a knowledgeable person with a pleasant personality. But do you have money to pay for your white-collar job. If you have got money then why do you want to work? Today, not only specialization in the subject with pleasant personality – you may also need money to pay for your works to be done on time. The rich people are becoming richer day by day because money plays an important role in every aspects of our life. If you go through unfairly by paying bribe in interview, you have better chances to get a job. If you pay something to the interviewers – the interviews will never ask you any difficult question that will disappoint you. But purchasing a job is one of the most corrupted task or criminal act. Some of the rich parents purchased job for their sons or daughter, which is one of the worst evil acts in our society. Some time jobs are purchased by rich people and those capable people willing to work are frustrated, which lead to take up undesirable job or some other criminal acts.

4. Political Influence: You are specialized in your subject with a pleasant personality. Of course you also have money if need to be paid. But where do you pay or bribe without the political influence. In this corrupted political society – you need a very influential political leader. You may no need to pay bribe but you need some one to influence the recruiter or interviewer. In today’s corrupted society – your money and political influence is equally important as you have good personality and expert in the field. We may be expert with good personality but we can be put to shame by asking very difficult questions during the interview. As not one is perfect or have thorough knowledge in any subject – the interviewers can ask difficulty question that will put you down. However, if you pay the interviewer through a corrupted political leader or influential person – you are sure to be selected if you have got good personality and knowledgeable in your particular subject.

Today, to get a white-collar job in state or central government – we need to have thorough knowledge (expert), a pleasant personality, money and political influence. There are many people who are specialized in their field with a pleasant personality. However due to lack of political influence, they were landed into disappointment. Today we may need the above four attributes that will help us to get a white-collar job in many states and central job. Even if we don’t have the above four attributes, we should have at least have first two attributes. Once I was on my way from Delhi to Pune. Inside the train, I met a student who is doing MBA from IIM. He is acting over smart because he is doing MBA from IIM. Then I told him, “I appreciated that you are doing MBA from a re-known institute. But you should be specialized (expert) in your particular course – otherwise you will become another salesman in the market” Then I also told him that there are too many MBAs who are passed out students without getting any desirable job; it is not necessary that you will get a white-collar job because you are doing MBA from IIM. After listening what I told him, his facial appearance suddenly changed. Some people may think that if we have good political influence or money power – we can get a good job. But unless we meet the minimum criteria for the job – we cannot get job practically.

Many people are frustrated because of the corrupted political influence and money power. But we have the other ways too to get white-collar job. Regardless of all the political and money influence – we need to work harder to specialize in our own field and have a good personality so that all the people who are depending on money and political influence may be put to shame. The political and money influence commenced due to mediocre sons and daughters of the politicians and rich people. But this may be possible to reduce when their sons and daughters study hard and have better personality and smart like other common people. R.B. Thohe Pou

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