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Dr. R. B. Thohe Pou

M.A. Ph.D.


12 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Hi thohepou enjoyed going thro ur blog, its informative. will it be ok to add some of ur profile too? Thanks. Sorry if i sound nosy.

  2. Brother Thohe….. whenever i got a time I visit the Cafe for leisure…. but now with times I’m getting back to my old habbits(college life)… i,e. almost of my time.. hahahahahha…
    As i logg-in i go through your latest post….I’m not flattering but it’s true. I’m trying to read all your articles….. Heard your name many a times but haven’t seen your face….. You are just great, if all I heard is true and if all i read is real….
    If you got time you too can visit my blog…
    with times i’ll try to get in touch with you, you can’t hide from me… hahahahahha.


  3. Hi,Thohe Pou you got a great blog with many useful contents,i really enjoyed reading the Folk-tale “Ngaonii and Saniiru, the Two Poor Siblings”. wish you the best.

  4. Hey Man, good job, keep going… like your article “The two poor Siblings”…:)

    (Guess I can give my Views)
    I feel that it’ll be more interesting and fun if your articles were a bit shorter… but still good.

    Good day… Keep on Rocking!!

  5. Dear Dr. Thohe,

    this is how i came to know your blog –
    One fine morning, I reached my office. Nothing particular in my mind to do so fast to start a day…..
    Suddenly, 30 points demands by NSCM(IM) came to my mind after I have read through Nagaland post for the day!!
    so I googled it “30 points demand by NSCM”…..there it appeared Thohe’s blog!!!!!!thats how I came to know your blog!!

    Hope to go through more of your articles or information in your blog!! it seems to be informative and important(I have yet to discover)!!

    keep up the excellent contributions!!

    hope to c u one face to face!!

    Best Regards,
    K.Khopunii Duomai

  6. Dear friends,

    Thanks for reading my ignorable blog.

    Hope that you will keep visiting my blog and give your critical comment to improve my blogging.

    God bless you.

    Warm regards,

  7. Sir,
    i think there is a great need for people to understand the ‘constitution’ of NSCN. i believe most of them follow the same constitution. Most of us (public) are unaware of the real surroundings, including myself but love to talk. I was wondering if you may have any idea about this topic, and how it may affect the ‘Framework agreement’
    Your articles are detailed and very informative Sir.
    Thank you.

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