Excommunication of Dr. Shishak


Dr. Rev. Tuisem Shishak is one of the most trustworthy senior leaders not only in Tangkhul Tribe but among the Nagas as a whole. His integrity and dedication for the Lord and for bringing up the Nagas is without question. When he has made a confession mentioning about some of the weaknesses of Tangkhul Tribe, it hurt the sentiment of the people of his Tribe and he has been excommunicated for six years. Not only Tangkhul Tribe has weaknesses but all other Naga Tribes too have weaknesses and shortcomings but nobody from other Tribes speak the truth confessing the failures weaknesses of his Tribe except Dr. Rev. Tuisem Shishak.

Whatever treatment meted out to him by his Tribe is not a thing to be wondered at because the prophets like Jeremiah was condemned by his people and thrown to prison. However bitter his statement may be, it is a real blessing to them and it should be taken as a blessing. A statement on some of the points he mentioned are being expected by many in different Tribes from Tangkhul brethren in general and he being a renowned elderly person from ‘Tangkhul Tribe, his statement is a panacea in the situation.

There are many servants of God in Nagaland but he is more concerned about his. Tribe and under the compelling situation he has made such a statement for the good of all which is a challenge for all other Church leaders.

Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi


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