NPMHR appreciates UN’s declaration



DIMAPUR: Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) has welcomed and appreciated the recognition and rights of the indigenous people by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) for adopting ‘United Nations declaration on rights of indigenous people’ at the 61th session at UN headquarter, New York on September 13 this year.

Briefing the media persons at a press conference on Sunday at ‘The Diners’, Dimapur, Atoho Kiho, convener of NPMHR, stated that from the early phase of the study of indigenous rights, they have been analyzing, monitoring and working towards the recognition and adaptation of ‘Naga indigenous issue’ within the framework of international law and human right treaties which finally came to fruition with the first international document which is at par with international law at the September 13 session at UN headquarter, New York.

He also said “now the predominant debate is on ‘territorial integrity’ and ‘self-determination’, and with the United Nations’ second decade on indigenous people under the theme ‘partnership for action and dignity’, Nagas have been urged to work persistently and creatively to evolve ways to use the important instrument to gain their rightful positions.

“NPMHR believe that the struggle for dignity is a continuous process and the adoption of UN declaration on indigenous people will provide a cue even to the Naga struggle for self determination and attainment of its space as a nation within the international community,” the convener added.

It may be mentioned that the prescribed ‘state standard’ by the ILO convention 107 and 169 regarding indigenous and tribal peoples proved inadequate as the state parties which formed the formal membership of the UN bulldozed the indigenous people and their territories under the screen of national security and greed sought to control and exploit the resources, ignoring the peoples right and ownership of land, resource and culture leading to ethnocide, environmental degradation and genocide, resulting in the indigenous people to collectively fight and claim for their rights and self determination.

Meanwhile, the NPMHR, who were represented by the convener, including co-convener, Kenneth, and members G. Vashum and Athili Sapruna said that after the Ceasefire, the NPHMR are trying to reach out to the neighbouring states and also the tribals in Burma, now Myanmar.

NPHMR has also initiated a meeting at Merapani to discuss on the border issues along People’s Concern for Peace In Assam (PCPIA) sometime in October to bring a solution amongst the Ahoms and the Nagas to live in peace and harmony.


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