Rev Dr. Shishak excommunicated

Dimapur, Sept 11: Following his ‘confession,’ Rev. Dr. Tuisem A Shishak has been excommunicated from the Tangkhul community for six years. The Tangkhul Naga Long took cognizance of Rev. Dr. Shishak’s ‘confession’ as appeared in the local media July-August and consequently, he is excommunicated. The TNL stated that his ‘confessional statement’ has been found “injurious” to the community.

According to the TNL, Rev. Dr. Shishak shall not be allowed to join/participate in any function, customary and traditional festivities; from participating in any public gatherings be it social, economic, religious or political; he is debarred from participating in general civil administration. He shall remain an outcast from the community, a TNL release informed.It was earlier decided to excommunicate Rev. Dr. Shishak for his “irresponsible, vigilante statement he made” and that “any statement made by any person like Tuisem A Shishak with ulterior motive, maligning, defaming to his own community and confession made by him on the pretext of duress has been outrightly rejected by the TNL.” The Hoho stated that his ‘confessional statement’ portrayed that Tangkhuls are arrogant, have false pride and is not united; “humility is not a normal trait of my people” and that “in the eyes of other communities, peoples, he made a confessional statement that Tangkhuls are wrong-doers” the TNL release pointed out.

The TNL stated: “The defamatory statements he made in a confession against the Tangkhul Naga Long collective responsibilities in the eyes of the world, is tantamount to naked exposure of the Tangkhul. The irrational statement made by him is a direct challenge to the authority of the Tangkhul Naga Long collective responsibilities.” All Tangkhuls are asked to adhere to the decision to excommunicate rev. Dr. Shishak.



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