Rev Dr. Shishak is a true nation builder


It came to me with a great shock that the Tangkhul Naga Long excommu-nicated Rev. Dr Tuisem A. Shishak from its community on the ground that he spoke against the national movement and its leaders. However, I personally feel that he never has been an anti Naga national. In the midst of deep turmoil and blood shed in our Naga society today, he courageously raises his prophetic voice with the hope to bring peace and harmony and God’s blessings to our blood stained land. It reminds me of what our Lord Jesus said, ‘Prophets are not honored in their own country. ‘I am totally convinced that Rev. Shishak is an anointed prophet of God of our time who speaks the truth and stands for it. He loves his people in particular and the Nagas in general. I don’t have to prove it; his sacrifices and contributions for the Naga society speak volume of it. We cannot possibly imagine the building of our nationhood without the emergence of modem education; Rev. Shishak imparted education to thousands of our Naga people bringing us into higher plane. We cannot deny or reverse this fact. His contribution towards educa-tion in our society must be recognized by one and all. Personally speaking, he can be conveniently recognized as the father of the Naga Modem education. In this context, he is a true national worker.

Dear uncle Shishak, we have a great respect for you no matter whatever people may say about you. We continue to uphold you and accept you as our role model, our visionary leader and the hero in the Christian faith. Your selfless sacrifices and contributions for the Naga society will remain a legacy for many generations to come. We are proud of you. You are not the loser but the ones who reject you.

Dr. Rabi Pame


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