Revoke decision on Shishak’

Diampur, Sept 15 (NPN): Expressing anguish over the excommunication of Dr. Tuisem Shishak, the Council of Naga Baptist Churches (CNBC) Saturday urged the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) to revoke the resolution by which it had excommunicated Dr. Shishak from the Tangkhul community for six years.
In a letter, CNBC general secretary Rev. Dr. V.K. Nuh urged TNL president Stephen Angkang to review and revoke the resolution “with retrospective effect immediately”.
Dr. Nuh pointed out that no Naga tribe was free from the sin of pride, prejudice, arrogance etc. He said “Our sinful nature, waywardness, division, dissention and disunity continue to create serious social constraints leading to bloodshed and killing, which is a great hindrance to our political peace process.”
Dr. Nuh pointed out that “shed tears not blood” was the crying voice of every Naga heart and as such, there must be a tribal as well as national repentance, reconciliation and peace if the Nagas were to find a common destiny with dignity.
He said of all the Naga tribes, the Tangkhuls with Dr. Shishak could set an outstanding example if the path of repentance and confession could be pursued.
Dr. Nuh lamented that a “moral and spiritual reality” was made to suffer in the face of a socio-political environment and that a “prophet” had no honour in his home.
Reiterating that the expressions made by Dr. Shishak deserved serious consideration by all the Nagas, Dr. Nuh said the need of the hour was reconciliation not recrimination and repentance and not rejoinder, in the interest of peace and understanding.


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