100 times our live is more precious

Justice and equal treatment is desirable by every one. But it is worth to seek the justice and equal treatment from those nonsense people? Many times I also thought we need justice and equal treatment from other people. But in a practical life I find this a dream to get justice and equal treatment. One of the preachers from Northeast asked, “Do you pay ST (Skin tax) in addition to our IT (Income Tax)? Firstly I could not understand much, what is this ST? He said we have to pay ST everytime we go out by Autorickshaw or go to any shopping except in fixed price showroom. You have to pay ST if your skin color is very white or very black; looking different from the indigenous people.

This is a small background how one of my cousin brother was recently beaten up brutally by five guys in Delhi. He is still in the hospital (ICU). He is now groaning and fighting to live in the hospital.

The simple reason how he was beaten up by five guys was that he told them not to call him Bahadur (Nepali). Because he does not belong to Nepali nation but he is Naga. People from northeast looks like the Nepali and due to this reason, many people call the Northeast people, Nepali or Bahadur. Those guys were living in the same colony and from time to time they used to call him Bahadur and harassed him. On that fateful day, while he was going to get some utensils from nearby a house, they called him and said, “Hey Bahadur where are you going?” On that day, he shouted at them for harassing him frequently. Suddenly, another person standing nearby took a brick and pounded him on his head and he was unconcious. His two teeth were gone. His eyes were bruised badly. One of his eyes sight is lightly to loss. His skull is broken. He did not talked to anybody for three days and still in Intensive Care Units.

Those guys were arrested by the Police but can we expect any justice and equal treatment? The most important thing is that after beaten up somebody badly and giving justice or equal treatment or taking revenge is not worth. Just think! If some body kill one your siblings or parents, will you be happy to kill those two culprits? Definitely not! One of our loved ones is more precious and lovable than 2-3 other people. What will we get in taking revenge after one of our loved is killed or brutally beaten up?

In conclusion, I would like to request everyone to control ourselves from squabbling or fighting with any nonsense people around us. Because it is not worth to fight or quarrel with them even if we are right legally, for our live is 100 times more precious than those nonsense people. Legally, the mistake was with those guys, but practically the mistake was also with my cousin brother for not controlling himself from those nonsense, blood thirsty and restless people; everytime waiting the chances to harass and kill some one.

I have learnt a good lesson that I should not quarrel with any nonsense people even though I am legally right to fight back or seek justice. This is a new lesson for me to practise in real life if I want to be in the city.


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