Armymen paraded naked for trying to rape 17 yrs old

Today the Times of India reports that two Army soldiers who were trying to rape 17 year old were paraded naked. It must be the first time in the history of nearly three-decade war against separatists in the valley that the villagers have stand up for their rights against human rights violations.

In Pati Kunan village, it is alleged that the men in Olive Green stormed her home on Tuesday (26/06/07), ordered her mother to leave and ripped her clothes off. This was not the first time the men in Olive Green has tried to molest or rape but  they poor villagers were helpless to fight against the army in the valley.

The villagers caught sepoy Joginder Singh and Sepoy Daljit Singh of 57 Rashtriya Rifles unit and they were marched through the village streets naked and later to the district headquarters in Bandipora, where the Police took the two men. 24 people were injured in clashed and the protest continued on Wednesday.

I really appreciate what the villagers have done to the men in Olive green. In northeast india, where there is Arms Force Special Power Act (AFSPA) the armymen fully utilise their power in trying to rape and molest the woman. Under AFSPA, the army can go inside the house without any permission (chances to molest or rape the woman), question any one (can harass anybody), beaten up any one, killed any one (giving false testimony after they killed like fake encounter kill). Many people were harassed and killed also raped and molested but so far the villagers in northeast india have not yet stand up for their own rights.

One of the important reason is that the people never get justice till date eventhough they fight for their own rights. This may be also one of the reasons people took the arms to fight against the injustice in northeast. We need international organization to intervene on this issue so that the people get justice and live like other human being. I hope that next time the people from northeast should also stand up for their own rights fight against the army who are involved in against human rights violation.


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