Brief Educational History


I failed in Class I (I start my Class I in English School without knowing A B C)

I was expelled from school in Class X (Reason: one of the leaders in boarding school)

I failed in Class XI ( I failed in Computer science, Mount Carmel Senior School, Delhi)

I jumped from KG to Class I
I iumped from Class III to Class V
I jumped from Class V to VII

I dropped in Class X (expelled from school)
I dropped after Class X (late declaration of result in Manipur; unable to get admission in Delhi)

I dropped after Graduation (late declaration of Delhi Univ.result; unable to get admission in University of Pune)

I dropped one year after PG (registration delay in the University for PhD)

I have cleared NET exam in 2001 June

The above shows my educational history…

I was failed, I was expelled and I dropped some years.

Boarding school/College Hostel

Class I with my parents
Class I in boarding school
Class II to Class III boarding school
Class V to Class X in boarding school
Class X in rented house
Class XI – Class XII in rented house
Graduation First in rented house
Graduation 2nd and 3rd year in College hostel
Post Graduation in Priviate Non-profit Christian Hostel


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