If, for confessing of sins, seeking forgiveness to God for our people amounts to excommunication from the people, for whom with tears we are pleading before God day and night, Dr. Tuisem is no exception, I also deserve the same fate for praying and confessing the sins of our Naga people before God these seventeen times from January 1, 2007 till today. I should have been excommunicate seventeen times now.

Thousands of believers in Naga churches including NBCC’s office should have been closed and sealed because very often the believers pray seeking forgiveness of Naga sins before God. Are we so righteous, clean and sinless before God as to live without needing repentance for all the heinous crimes we have committed? Do you not hear the cry of the forced orphans and childless parents? Where do their tears flow? Where does the blood of your victims flow? Do you know how many innocent, precious lives our peoples have been killed? Can we escape scot-free from God who created them in His image? Have we not realized till today that we are not worth living after destroying our kid and kin? Which God do we believe? Which Bible do we read and believe in what way?

The reckoning day is coming soon. What ever you have done in your body will be given to you. If you have destroyed the innocent lives, rest assure, the day is coming when all your children and their children will face the same brunt, because no wicked man is going to escape from the wrath of the Living God. We Nagas, individually and corporately should seek God’s forgiveness in sack clothe and ashes now with tears. We dare not play with God as we do amongst us.

The Israelites willfully committed sins thereby grieved God; therefore those who disobeyed God were debarred from entering Canaan. Only their children and children’s children entered, that too after 40 years. Even the most trusted leader Moses, who spoke face to face with God, could not enter Canaan, just because he did not glorify God in Meribah in the presence of his people. Naga leaders! if you want to bring your peoples to Canaan, glorify God with all your heart, soul and strength. It’s now more than 60 years but our Canaan seems a long way.

Dr. Tuisem and Margaret came to Nagalim with visions from the Lord to impart the blessings of God to our children. Today, most of the churches and institutions are manned by their students, who are committed believers. Not only that, thousands of musicians are mostly of Patkai Christian college alumnus. The most unfortunate people are those who do not see the good things one has done for us. Tuisems have given their best enduring suffering, shame and disgrace, knowing fully well that there is in store for them great reward in heaven.

I know Tuisem since 1977. He is a real gem of our Naga society. A man of integrity rare gift bearer from God. A man who translates in deed what he preaches. An exemplary figure transforming many through him. I know he is undaunted for excommunicating him by our people, because he counts on God more than what the world serves him. Here goes a song for warriors in Christ-
If when you give the best of your service, Telling the world that the Savior is come, Be not dismayed when men don’t believe you, He understands; He’ll say “Well done.”
Misunderstood, the Savior of sinners, Hung on the cross; He was God’s only Son; Oh! Hear Him call His Father in heaven, “Let not my will, but Thine be done. “
If when this life of labor is ended,

And the reward; of the race you have run; Oh! take the sweet rest prepared for faithful, Will be His blest, He’ll say” Well done.”
But if you try and fail in your trying,
Hands sore and scarred from the work you’ve begun; Take up your cross, run quickly to meet Him,
He’ll understand, He’ll say, “Well done.”

I salute you, brother in Christ. I envy you for all the wonderful things you have done for our people, for which you are going to receive rewards from the Lord. You once wrote in Nagaland Post on
May 05, 1997 – “I believe, true Christians are above mere human consideration”.
It is so true that I noted down in my diary and rewrites here. May God, who sees our innermost thoughts and deeds, preserve you and your family to carry out His wills even when people misunderstands.

K.L.Merry, Dimapur


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