How he chooses his wife

How he chooses his wife

A True story:

Mr. Suisa from Tangkhul tribe is a very intelligent and peculiar person. Suisa who became the MP from Nagaland. The time has come for him to choose his wife. But he could not find the right woman for him. Then one day he went around in his village to find a wife for him. He saw a woman exposing the paddy; he went straight to her and beat her with a stick. She got angry and went inside her house. The he thought she is not the right woman for him. Then he went to find another woman and beat her with a stick, she did not get angry but her mother shouted at him for beating her daughter.


 He assumed that she may not get annoy with me now but there will be great influence from her mother. He went further and he found another woman exposing the paddy in the sun. He beat her with a stick infront of her mother. Then she said with a smile, “I did not know even you, why did you beat”. Her mother also smile at him and said, “my dear, you should not use stick to wish your friends. Then Mr. Shusha thought she had learnt many things from her mother; probably the most learned woman in the village. He came to know her through her mother inner heart. So he finally proposed her and they got married.



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