In defence of Rev. Dr. Shishak

I was awestruck to come across in the local dailies under the headline Rev.Dr.Shishak ex-communicated, which reads, The Thangkhul Naga Long (TNL) took cognizance of Rev.Dr.Shishak Confessional Statement and has debarred him for 6 years in any activities of the Community concerned.

It is astounding to note the action of TNL (The apex body of Tangkhul Naga Tribe), the Long which is considered as a torch bearer in safe guarding and upholding the sanctity, dignity and rights of the Nagas in general and the Tangkhuls in particular over these years, has cast the shadow of doubts in the mind of the people by portraying a slanderous campaign on the integrity of a person in the likes of Rev.Dr.Shishak, whom I guess is an iconic figure to many if not all the Nagas.

It has also caused considerable damage not only to the good personality of Rev.Dr.Shishak but on the other way round, to tens and thousands young minds and alike, who takes pride to accord him as academician of repute and an exalted Naga hero particularly in the field of contemporary education, thoughtfulness, down to earth and above all due to his remarkable and outstanding services he has rendered painfully all through these successive decades. I am indebted to Rev. Dr.Shishak for his brilliant contribution as an educationist/academician.

Today, as a vigilant and concern Naga, I wish to acknowledge his brilliant contribution. I also hold my head high with pride and exalt to salute and convey my solidarity to my Principal emeritus Rev.Dr.Shishak, especially at this point of time when his CONFESSIONAL STATEMENT ran/went into rough weather (misconstrued) and subsequently ballooned into a crisis, (ex-communicated).

I should say that, as a human being every one has its own short comings. No matter whatever is the nature of offence, I perceive that each and every issue concerning its interest can be logically solved keeping in mind the positive aspects. But unfortunately Rev.Dr.Shishak had been victimized by own fellow brothers, for his outspoken nature which in turn is a vivid indication of undermining the very edifice of our democratic structure.

I perceive that Rev.Dr.Shishak doesn’t deserve such sanction up to this magnitude or degree and I personally felt that it would lead to the loss of trust among Naga brethren.
Considering this facts, and without any bias and prejudice to any individual/groups/NGOs etc.I joint hands, with a sea of humanity belonging to different strata of society and organized set of working class to humbly appeal for reconsidering its decision i.e., To annul ex-communication against Rev. Dr. Shishak.


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