Pooja Chauhan Protests in semi-nude

 (Picture: Courtesy: TOI: Pooja Chauhan marching on in semi-nude against police inaction in arresting her husband and in-laws) 

Pooja Chauhan alleged that she had taken to this unique protest after being constantly harassed for not bringing dowry and bearing a girl-child. She also alleged that she was beaten up even by a neighbour, Ranchhod, in the presence of her in-laws and husband. Pooja said she would not divorce her husband because her husband has her and her life is finished and she does not want another Pooja. She also said that he will not get a chance to trap some other innocent woman and ruin her life. With protest against the police in semi-nude, immediately the police arrested her husband Pratapsinh Chauhan, parents-in-law and neighbours Veji Bharwad and Vinu Dalit on Wednesday, after she threatened to scale up her protest and march nude to the police commissioner’s office if she did not get justice. The Rajkot Police commissioner K. Nityanandam said that they are planning to take action against Pooja for indecent behavior in a public place, after they examining her mental condition. 

The legal expert today said that they cannot take any action against on Pooja Chauhan on the basis of her semi-nude protest. Some of the people may say that protesting against the police in semi-nude is not in a right way. But I personally feel that she has taken up a bold step forgetting the shame due to too much pressure and harassment from her husband and in-laws. I think she has come to that stage that she does not want to live in this world anymore so it is a fact that she wont mind in protesting in semi or nude. If we have come to a stage we are not worth to live in this world, shall we consider the people around?

 I really appreciate her bold step protesting against the police and her husband and the in-laws. I personally feel that only a few bold and brave women can take up such kind of issue against the police and to her husband and in-laws. She has got every right to protest against the police and find justice.  Why should we support such kind of harassment from her husband and in-laws? We definitely need to remove such kind of evil demand of dowry and against the bearing of female child.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal the higher authority to take immediate necessary action against her husband and in-laws so that such kind of evils may no continue to exist our society.

I would also like to request to all the readers of this blog to give their support to her for she is not only trying to get justice for herself but she is fighting for all the women against such kind of harassment and evil demand of dowry and bearing the female child.


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