Tea poured in his pocket


This is a story from Nagalim (Nagaland) that every Naga from Nagaland (Nagalim) knew the story. Mr. Susha from Tankhul tribe was a very brilliant, intelligent and thoughtful person. He was one of the first MPs from Nagaland.  In one occasion, when he went to Delhi for Parliament meeting, he did not dress properly; he was with simple and shabby dress and he went for the meeting. During the Tea Break, some of the people came to serve tea and every got the Tea. But they did not give to him Tea. Actually they might have misunderstood him (they thought that he must not an MP) and they did not give him Tea.


In another Parliament meeting, he has to go and attend the meeting so he ordered a very good Coat, pant and shoes. During the parliament tea break, some people who served them tea earlier came and said, “Sir please have Tea”. He took the cup of tea and poured in his pocket, saying, “Have, have tea my coat and pocket”. These people are giving me tea not because of I am one of the MPs but seeing my Coat; properly dressed.

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