The Joy of a young Writer

The young boys and girls enjoy without bothering much about their future life; in a similar way, the young writers also enjoy the same without considering much about the contents in their writing. The content of such a young writer is less consider by the people. He is joyful as his write-ups are published in the newspaper or other media. He is less concern about the content since people are less concern about his write-ups. However, once he becomes a veteran writer or old, many people eyes are on him.

For an old or veteran writer, even a single word in his write-up is becoming meaningful and dangerous. For a young writer the grammatical mistakes, the content, reference, originality, clarity, intelligibility etc are less concern thus giving him maximum freedom of expression. Writing is an art of practice and one should put into practice in writing when he is young.  When some one is young, it is the best time to practice expressing through writing. When we are young, who cares if we make mistake in our writing.  Who care if we are unable to express clearly.

However, ou responsibility increases as we grow older thus limiting ourselves to express our thought more freely. Once we become mature or a leader, we are responsible of whatever we say or write, which limits more our freedom of expression thus the young writers are the most joyful writers.

@Thohe Pou ,19 Sept.2007




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