The Married Bachelors

The Married Bachelors

We called the unmarried men as “Bachelors”. But what is this “Married Bachelors”.  Vikram Karve uses the term Married Bachelors to Bachelors and Spinsters in his blog, Here I also would like to use the same term as Married Bachelors(eg.. Actor – both to the Actress and Actor)

Some one called Married Bachelor to those “married men and women who live in different place and who love only their jobs” But i would called the “Married Bachelors” to those who are married but pretend to be Bachelor or live with other woman or man.

In our today’s world, there are many married women and men are Bachelors. They may live together with their wife or husband or they may live alone in another city. Many co-habit with other woman or man in absent of their wife or husband. They said that they are unmarried to others and they enter beyond the international border of marriage law and break the law.
Some Married Bachelors break the hearts of others. Some Married Bachelors want to enjoy with another Bachelors or another Married Bachelor but later enticed with the lust or changed to deeply love and run away from their husband or wife, which is becoming common today.

The lust of the Married Bachelors chase after the Bachelors (here refer both to bachelors and spinsters) and once they found another Married Bachelor or Bachelors, they start to enjoy and live in different world forgetting their married life and family.

The Married Bachelors emerged not only due to away from each other and love in their own job or staying in different city. However more important aspect is due to lust and unsatisfy with their married life or want to enjoy their lives..

There are many aspects that stimulate to emerge the Married Bachelors. Some of the important aspects may be – lust, disatisfy with married life, seeking to find better person or sexy one, want to enjoy with life, irresponsibility as a married person, etc.

As long as we have Married Bachelors in our society, there are always channces to break the family, problem in the society, etc. It is difficult to remove the emerging Married Bachelors unless by the law, unless the Married Bachelors come to their own sense and have their own responsibility and committement as a married person.

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